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Lassen Audio Tours is an audio podcast of self-guided tours of Lassen Volcanic National Park. Each series offers a personal guide with insights on one of the park's many highlights. We recommend you download all of the episodes in a series before beginning your tour, as cell service is limited in the park.
Then and Now Highway Audio Tour

Delve into Lassen Volcanic's 100-year history with this roadside audio tour. Download the series of MP3s files for use on any mobile device or media player then listen to the audio file that corresponds to each of 16 markers along the park's 30-mile highway. This audio tour was produced with support from park staff, volunteer and narrator Dave Schlom, and North State Public Radio.

To download the files below, right-click on a file and select "Save link as..." Be sure to download the files before you arrive as cell service is limited and Wi-Fi is unreliable (available only the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center).

You may also download episodes from or subscribe to the Lassen Audio Tours podcast through iTunes or any podcast manager.
Introduction (44 sec / 1 MB MP3)
Stop 1: Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center (1 min 33 sec / 2.2 MB MP3)
Stop 2: Sulphur Works (1 min 5 sec / 1.5 MB MP3)
Stop 3: Diamond Peak (1 min 11 sec / 1.6 MB MP3)
Stop 5: Emerald Lake (1 min 19 sec / 1.8 MB MP3)
Stop 6: Bumpass Hell Trailhead (1 min 40 sec / 2.3 MB MP3)
Stop 7: Lake Helen (1 min 31 sec / 2.1 MB MP3)
Stop 8: Lassen Peak (1 min 42 sec / 2.4 MB MP3)
Stop 9: Kings Creek Meadow (1 min 31 sec / 2.1 MB MP3)
Stop 10: Hat Lake (1 min 28 sec / 2 MB MP3)
Stop 11: Devastated Area (2 min 17 sec / 3.2 MB MP3)
Stop 12: Hot Rock (1 min 17 sec / 1.8 MB MP3)
Stop 13: Nobles Emigrant Trail (58 sec / 1.8 MB MP3)
Stop 14: Chaos Crags Vista (2 min 4 sec / 2.6 MB MP3)
Stop 15: Reflection Lake (1 min 13 sec / 2.2 MB MP3)
Stop 16: Lassen Crossroads (1 min 2 sec / 1.4 MB MP3)
Complete Audio Tour (57 MB ZIP)

Lassen Peak Audio Tour
Discover the human stories behind Lassen Volcanic National Park's namesake. Download the following mp3 files for use on your smartphone or mp3 device and take a walk through time while visiting the park or even while standing on the summit of Lassen Peak.

To download the files below, right-click on a file and select "Save link as..."

Stop 1 - Snowy Mountain
Stop 2 - Close Call
Stop 3 - A Closer Look
Stop 4 - In the Name of Science
Stop 5 - Photographing a Restless Giant
Stop 6 - Lookout
Stop 7 - Ladies First
Stop 8 - The Main Attraction

Complete Audio Tour (zip file)

The Lavocast - Stories from Lassen Volcanic National Park

NPS/Gregory Purifoy

The Lavocast

New! A podcast hosted by park rangers featuring audio stories from Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Download and listen to all episodes here, or subscribe to the show on iTunes.
Hikers in Lassen Peak crater
Hikers stand on the edge of the crater from Lassen Peak's 1915 eruption.

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