Manzanita Lake Area Plan Project

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The National Park Service (NPS) is creating a Design Concept Plan (DCP) for the Manzanita Lake Area. The NPS will work with its partners, stakeholders, and the public to develop the plan in compliance with legal and policy requirements. The public is invited to provide comments in this initial stage of planning and again after the draft DCP is complete.

Purpose: Outline improvements to Manzanita Lake Area visitor facilities and respectfully rehabilitate historic structures to accommodate growing visitation and enhance visitors' experiences through an adaptive lens that accounts for future needs.

Function: Provide direction for restoring and preserving natural and cultural resources, improving opportunities for accessibility, and enhancing existing visitor opportunities.

Project Goals

The result of this planning effort will be a design concept plan (DCP) for the Manzanita Lake Area. The plan includes concepts for natural and cultural resource protection, facility development, visitor use, and other management needs.

The plan is needed to address the following goals:

This includes, but is not limited to, the campground, amphitheater, entrance station, day use area (including the boat launch, picnic area, and Manzanita Lake Trail Trailhead), utility systems, Loomis Plaza, Lassen Crossroads, trails, and parking areas.

This includes structures threatened by overuse and degradation. Actions may include adaptive reuse, where appropriate. Historic structures include the historic Manzanita Lake Historic District, which is comprised of the Loomis Museum, Loomis Plaza, seismograph building, Loomis Residence, Naturalist's Residence, and portions of the Manzanita Lake Trail.

Enhance connectivity between features in the Manzanita Lake Area, including adaptive opportunities for modernization (i.e., technological advancements).

Implement requirements identified in the park's accessibility self-evaluation and transition plan and explore opportunities to incorporate additional discretionary improvements.

Ease roadway congestion and safety concerns, and improve visitor circulation and flow.

Improve recreation and visitor areas while protecting Manzanita Lake's natural resources and habitats from increased visitor use impacts and a changing climate.


Share Your Comments

Learn about the initial design proposals in the August 2022 Manzanita Lake DCP newsletter or interactive Story Map below. These proposed designs describe possible future strategies and are only a first draft. The park needs to hear from the public to refine, improve, and/or replace the proposed ideas. Public comments on these proposals will be used to help the park begin planning for the site.

The National Park Service would like to hear your thoughts and ideas about the following:

  • What input do you have to share about these design concepts? 
  • How would these design concepts influence your visit to Lassen Volcanic National Park? 
  • Are there any other design concepts not already presented that the National Park Service should consider and analyze? What is missing, and why should it be considered? 
  • What other comments or suggestions do you have?

Public Comment Open August 25 - September 26, 2022

  • Online at (preferred method)
  • Email to
  • Mail Lassen Volcanic National Park, Attn: Jim Richardson, Superintendent, PO Box 100, Mineral, CA 96063

Design Concept Plan for the Manzanita Lake Area

View interactive maps that depict possible future strategies to improve the Manzanita Lake Area.

Planning Timeline

Date Activity

August - September 2022

Engage in preliminary planning and gather initial public input.

November 2022

Use public feedback to inform strategies and management alternatives.

January - February 2023

Conduct public scoping to inform plan development.

March - April 2023

Incorporate public comments into draft plan.

April 2023

Present final plan and decision to the public.


Last updated: August 29, 2022

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