Invasive aquatic mussel with a 'no' bar across it.

Help Us Prevent Aquatic Invasive Species

Help us prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive species by completing the mandatory mussel-free self-certification form on our Aquatic Invasive Species page before you launch. If your boat has been in waters with confirmed or suspected AIS (such as Lake Mead, Mohave, or Powell) within the last 30 days please call the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife AIS Hotline at 1-888-WDFD-AIS

A sailboat sits on still water near a wooded shoreline. the still lake reflects the boat and shore

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Enjoy the Lake

Our twenty-two public boat launches offer a wide variety of opportunities for every type of watercraft from canoes to motorboats to paddleboards. Please remember that Lake Roosevelt is a manmade reservoir. Seasonal fluctuations regularly affect lake levels and access to boat launch facilities.

  • Check the current lake levels or call the Bureau of Reclamation at (800) 824-4916 before you visit. Minimum boat launch elevations at Lake Roosevelt are listed below. Make sure you know where you are at all times.

There are two free navigational charts from NOAA that are downloadable for phone, tablet, or computer. These are hosted on the NOAA website, so clicking will take you away from this site.

Southern Portion of Lake Roosevelt
Northern Portion of Lake Roosevelt

or search for other navigational charts on

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Kettle Falls Boat Launch

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Boat Launch Fees

Boat Launch permits are required year-round at all Lake Roosevelt's National Park Service boat launches, regardless of boat type.

Weekly Boat Launch Permit

  • $8.00 for 7 consecutive days from date of purchase
  • $4.00 with eligible America the Beautiful Senior or Access Pass or Golden Age or Golden Acees Pass holder. Only good for one boat.

  • Purchase your Weekly Boat Launch Permit online.

  • Customer service: 800-624-1373 Monday-Friday

Annual Launch Permit

  • $45.00

  • Good from purchase date until December 31st of the year printed on the permit

  • Purchase your Annual Boat Launch Permit online. Please allow at least seven business days to receive your permit(s). The permit(s) will be mailed to you. Customer service: 800-624-1373, Monday-Friday

  • Can be purchased in person at one of the locations listed on our Fees & Passes page.

When accessing the lake from lands adjacent to or on the reservation shoreline, please contact the tribes to determine where access is allowed and what additional fees are required.

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation can be reached at (509) 634-2110.

The Spokane Tribe of Indians can be reached at (509) 625-3511.


Minimum Boat Launch Lake Elevations

Remember, this is a reservoir so lake levels can fluctuate within a matter of hours. Check the current lake levels or call the Bureau of Reclamation at (800) 824-4916.

Hawk Creek


Crescent Bay


Porcupine Bay


Marcus Island




Kettle Falls




French Rocks


Hunters Camp


North Gorge


Hansen Harbor


Keller Ferry


Napoleon Bridge


Bradbury Beach


Seven Bays


Snag Cove




Spring Canyon


China Bend


Fort Spokane


Jones Bay


Lincoln Mill


Poster providing instruction to boaters when firefighting aircraft are using the lake to pick up water.

Be Safe on the Lake!

  1. Prepare and Plan - Get you and your vessel ready.

  2. Wear a Life Jacket - What kind to get.

  3. On The Water - Be aware of hazards and safety for everyone.

  4. Reach, Throw, Row…Don't Go - What to do if you fall overboard.

  5. Have an Emergency Plan - Don't rely on your cell phone!

  6. Learn to Swim - And watch for hazards when you do.

  7. Stay with Your Boat - Learn river and stream safety.

  8. Designate a Water Watcher - Keep an eye on possible dangers.

  9. Keep Safety in the Picture - Great tips for a fun trip!

  10. Don't Trash the Park - Pack out your garbage & keep the park clean!


A child on a tube towed behind a boat.


Understand Propeller Danger!

  • A typical 3-blade propeller running at 3200-rpm can inflict 160 impacts in 1 second

  • An average recreational propeller an travel head-to-toe on a person in 1/10th of a second

What can you do to stay safe?

  1. TEACH your passengers about prop safety

  2. Never allow passengers to enter/exit the REAR of the boat

  3. Keep the engine cut-off switch lanyard attached to your PFD

  4. NEVER start your engine without account for all passengers

  5. Consider getting prop safety equipment for your BOAT


Boating Regulations

Boaters at Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area must follow the Code of Federal Regulations, Washington State boating regulations and regulations in the Park Compendium.

Download the appropriate checklist(s) to see what you need to boat safely on Lake Roosevelt.

Human Powered

  • (Canoes, Kayaks, etc.)

Class 1 Motorized Watercraft

  • (16 feet to 26 feet in length)

Personal Watercraft

  • (PWC)

Class 2 Motorized Watercraft

  • (26 feet to 40 feet in length)

Class A Motorized Watercraft

  • (less than 16 feet in length)

Class 3 Motorized Watercraft

  • (40 feet to less than 65 feet in length)

Other Information

Still have questions about boating at Lake Roosevelt? Try one of these links.

Last updated: May 12, 2023

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