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Fishing License Requirements

Washington State fishing regulations and licensing requirements apply when fishing on Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area. Anyone age 15 and older must have a personal use, recreational license valid for freshwater in their possession while fishing.

Anyone fishing from waters adjacent to or from the reservation shoreline should contact the tribes to determine whether an additional license is required.

The Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation can be reached at (509) 634-2110.

The Spokane Tribe of Indians can be reached at (509) 625-3511.

Fishing Charters

Explore authorized fishing charter services at Lake Roosevelt.


Bank Fishing

You can fish from shore anywhere outside of harbors and designated swim areas. Fishing is prohibited in harbors and designated swim areas because hooks and fishing line can result in injury or drowning.

Before You Go

Check out the updated fish consumption advisory from Washington Department of Public Health.

What to Fish For

More than 30 species of fish inhabit these waters. Common species you may encounter are:

  • Rainbow Trout: This sport fish is an acrobatic fighter when hooked. Average weight 1-3 lbs.

  • White Sturgeon: North America's biggest freshwater fish. Landlocked behind Grand Coulee Dam, sturgeon can grow up to 1,800 lbs. Average weight 100-300 lbs.

  • Yellow Perch: A tasty, mild-flavored fish transplanted from eastern United States. When hungry, this fish generally will bite anything offered. Average weight 0.3-0.5 lbs.

  • Lake Whitefish: An abundant species in Lake Roosevelt, not generally pursued by anglers. It is caught most often by those angling for trout or kokanee. Average weight 2-3 lbs.

  • Kokanee: Landlocked sockeye salmon. Tributary streams provide important spawning grounds for this fish. Avearge weight 1.3 lbs.

  • Burbot: One of the lake's native fish, also known as a fresh water lingcod. This tasty fish has become popular among anglers. Average weight 3-7 lbs.

  • Other fish found in these waters include cutthroat trout, bass, sunfish, carp, perch, pike, and bullhead.

Please do not put fish remains back into the lake. They take a long time to decompose, resulting in a littered and polluted lake.

Poster providing instruction to boaters when firefighting aircraft are using the lake to pick up water.

Be Safe on the Lake!

  1. Prepare and Plan - Get you and your vessel ready.

  2. Wear a Life Jacket - What kind to get.

  3. On The Water - Be aware of hazards and safety for everyone.

  4. Reach, Throw, Row…Don't Go - What to do if you fall overboard.

  5. Have an Emergency Plan - Don't rely on your cell phone!

  6. Learn to Swim - And watch for hazards when you do.

  7. Stay with Your Boat - Learn river and stream safety.

  8. Designate a Water Watcher - Keep an eye on possible dangers.

  9. Keep Safety in the Picture - Great tips for a fun trip!

  10. Don't Trash the Park - Pack out your garbage & keep the park clean!


Last updated: February 26, 2024

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