Boat Camping

There are two ways to boat camp at Lake Roosevelt: designated boat-in campgrounds and shoreline camping.

Boat-in campgrounds and shoreline camping are free of charge. Both options are first-come, first-served and cannot be reserved ahead of time. Holding a camp or beach area for another party or for a later time is prohibited. After set-up, camps must be occupied. Property left unattended for more than 24 hours may be confiscated.

Review the boat camping regulations before heading out on the water to camp.


Launching and Take-Out

If you are using a designated boat launch, a boat launch pass is required. These can be purchased in advance or the day of and stays in the dashboard of your vehicle. Visit Fees and Passes to learn more.

If you are launching from the shoreline and not using a boat launch, you do not need to purchase a boat launch pass.

Before launching, inspect your boat for Aquatic Invasive Species and fill out the AIS self-certification form. When you take-out your boat, inspect if for any plants and make sure to clean, drain, and dry your boat.



Boat-in Campgrounds

Boat-in campgrounds are designated spaces for boaters to camp on the shoreline. Typically, these campgrounds have picnic tables, fire pits, and vault toilets. Amenities vary by campground. The table below lists the information for each boat-in campground.

Campground Number of Sites Vault Toilet Water Boat Dock
Summer Island 6 (six) yes no yes
Enterprise 13 (thirteen) yes no no
Crystal Cove 3 (three) yes no no
Ponderosa 8 (eight) yes no no
Detillion 12 (twelve) yes no yes
Sterling Point 5 (five) yes no no
Penix Canyon 3 (three) yes no yes
Goldsmith 3 (three) yes no no
Plum Point 4 (four) yes no yes
Zoom in on the interactive map to see the boat-in campgrounds marked in blue.

Shoreline Camping

Shoreline campsites must be at least ½ mile from the nearest developed area. Developed areas are those maintained by the NPS, such as marinas, parking areas, campgrounds, and boat launches. This does not include boaters possessing a valid boat moorage agreement with an authorized concessionaire or community access point for moorage.

To access shoreline camping, you must navigate by boat (motor, paddle, etc.). Accessing shoreline campsites by foot from the road is not allowed.

a small motorboat is tied to the shoreline

NPS / E. Gelfat

Boat Camping Regulations

In addition to general camping regulations, the following regulations apply specifically to boat camping:

Human Waste Disposal

  • When camping on the shoreline, you must have a device specifically made for containing human waste, a Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) or portable toilet approved for landfill disposal. Use of a plastic bag and a can does not meet this requirement.

  • All recreational boats with installed toilet facilities must have an operable US Coast Guard certified MSD on board.

  • When camping at a designated boat-in campground where toilets are provided, possession of a MSD or portable toilets is not required.

  • Human waste may only be disposed of at concession marine pump-out facilities or at dump stations. Only solid waste bags stating they are approved for landfill disposal, such as Wag Bag and Restop2, may be deposited into trash receptacles.


  • Shoreline fires are permitted below the full pool line year-round, except when complete fire restrictions are in effect. (Contact the park for current burn ban status.)

  • Fire size must be less than three feet in diameter and at least ten feet from beach logs, structures, or vegetation. Chemically treated wood, painted wood, and wood with nails or staples is not allowed.

  • No pit fires. Do not burn debris, including plastics and cans.

  • Fires must be attended at all times and completely extinguished with water, not covered with sand.

  • Rock rings are never allowed anywhere above or below the shoreline.

Grills, Stoves, and Lanterns

  • Gas and propane grills, stoves, and lanterns are permitted.

  • Charcoal grills and stoves are permitted, provided a fire restriction is not in effect. All charcoal ashes must be packed out and disposed of in trash receptacles after ensuring that they are completely extinguished.


  • The use and possession of fireworks at Lake Roosevelt and other National Park Service areas is prohibited by federal law.

  • The use of fireworks creates a fire hazard, impacts the experience of other visitors, and results in trash on the shore and in the lake.

Additional Regulations

  • Use of Firearms and Other Weapons: As of February 22, 2010, possession of a firearm inside the recreation area is also subject to state law. Contact a park ranger for further information, or visit the Washington State Legislature webpage covering Chapter 9.41 RCW, Firearms and Dangerous Weapons. (link to Laws & Policies page somewhere)


Know Before You Go

Last updated: April 22, 2024

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