Hiking along Harbor Bay Trail with a view of the blue lake on a cloudy day.  Green vegetation grows along the Permian dirt trail.
Harbor Bay Trail

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Harbor Bay Trail:

Large green Cottonwoods along the reddish dirt trail with a blue sky and white clouds.
A view of cottonwood trees along the Mullinaw Trail

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Mullinaw Trails:
Easy to Moderate

Along the shoreline of Lake Meredith on Turkey Creek Trail.  Numerous clouds dot the blue sky.
View of Lake Meredith shoreline along the South Turkey Creek Trail

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South Turkey Creek Trail:
Easy to Moderate

Fritch Fortress Trail in a valley with green foliage on a sunny day with blue skies.
Fritch Fortress Trail on a summer day.

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Fritch Fortress Trail:
Moderate to Strenuous
Mesquite Trail and pink basket flowers in the summer with blue skies.
A summer day on the Mesquite Trail

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Last updated: April 11, 2024

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