Fritch Fortress

Fritch Fortress Trail with green sage on a sunny day with blue skies
Fritch Fortress Trail

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The Fritch Fortress Trail is constructed in the steep sloped sides of two Mesas as it descends into a beautiful canyon with beautiful views of Lake Meredith. The trail has steep drop offs on the trails edge and conprises two sets of moderate switchbacks.

View of Lake Meredith from Fritch Fortress on a sunny day.  The blue lake is flowing into a cove.
View of Lake Meredith from Fritch Fortress Trail

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The rocky hillsides provide habitat for all types of wildlife. Turkey Vultures can often be seen flying high in the sky above. Sudden changes in topography allow for the updraft that the birds use to carry them into the sky. Fritch FortressTrail is also a great spot to view of the spectacular sunsets at Lake Meredith. Don't forget your camera.
A group of daisies along Fritch Fortress Trail.  The daisies are white with yellow centers
Blackfoot Daisies blooming along the Fritch Fortress Trail

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Hiking up the mesas on Fritch Fortress Trail, there are a variety of plants along the trail. In summer, look for sand sage, prickly pear cactus, and many types of wildflowers. The Blackfoot Daisy (Melamopodium leucanthum) is a beautiful plant blooming on the sides of the mesas during April - August. This member of the Aster family is one of the most drought resistant plants at Lake Meredith National Recreation Area.

Fritch Fortress Trail Map with completed trails and trail corridor
Fritch Fortress Trail Map

Last updated: July 5, 2020

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