Deep Lake

View through trees to a lake and mountains

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Deep Lake campground is located just up hill from the lake of the same name. It is often a less busy campground, but can be extremely peaceful. It is important to note there is no shelter at this site, but the campground offers hikers a beautiful setting to spend the night.


Mile marker: 23
Kilometer marker: 37
Site elevation: 2,900 ft

Campsites: 12 sites, wooden platforms

Warming shelter: no shelter at this campground, but there are uncovered tables

Food storage: bear boxes

Toilet: 1 pit-style outhouse

Water source: Deep Lake is located a short distance from the campground

Grey water disposal: pack out all food scraps, dispose of grey water into official grey water pits to practice Leave No Trace

Notes: This campground is in Canada and managed by Parks Canada.

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Last updated: June 10, 2016

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