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Black and white photo of men posed with piles of boxes and sacks in the foreground and white canvas tents in the back.
Stampeders arrive to Dyea, Alaska and start organizing their supplies.

National Park Service, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, George and Edna Rapuzzi Collection, KLGO 55746a. Gift of the Rasmuson Foundation.


A major human event like the Klondike Gold Rush is a wealth of stories, artifacts, and facts. You may want to start by finding out what was the Klondike Gold Rush? Then dive deeper into history and

Busy street view with cruise ship at the end.

Skagway's Historic District

Over 20 gold rush boom town buildings are part of the park today. Explore the ones in Skagway's Historic District.

Black and white photo of people gathered in a flat area before a steep line ascends a snowy pass.

Chilkoot Trail History

From a Tlingit trade route, to a gold rush highway, to a modern recreation trail. Learn how the Chilkoot Trail has changed over 150 years.

Black and white image of about a dozen mules heavily packed with large boxes along a trail.

The White Pass Trail

Advertised as an easier, pack animal friendly trail, the White Pass Trail became a trail of disappointment and backache.

Irises in a meadow

Discover Dyea, Alaska

Where nature meets history. During the gold rush Dyea was a boom town, today it is a lush natural area.

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