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Please see below for current local hire vacancies, job duties, and application details. All local hire authority applications must be submitted on paper, either in person or mailed to the park's Adminstrative Office. Please carefully read the requirements to verify your eligibility.

ELIGIBILITY TO APPLY: Any U.S. citizen who has acquired special knowledge or expertise regarding the natural or cultural resources of Kenai Fjords National Park, by reason of having either lived or worked in or near the park. This level of knowledge would be acquired by having lived or worked in or near the park for at least 12 consecutive months. Short seasonal residency is not qualifying as this would not provide the level of knowledge or expertise that is gained through experiencing the range of climactic conditions and associated impacts on the resources. Areas considered "near" Kenai Fjords National park are the communities of Seward and Moose Pass extending north to Milepost 45 of the Seward Highway, as well as to the tribal villages with documented ties. These tribal villages include the Native Village of Nanwalek and the Native Village of Port Graham on the south western tip of the Kenai Peninsula as well as Seldovia Village Tribe.

For questions or application materials, please visit the park's Administrative Office or contact us at (907) 422-0500.


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To receive a copy of the job announcement or to apply, please visit the park's Administrative Office, email or call (907) 422-0500. Further information can also be found on the website about non-local hire positions, the application process and frequently asked questions.

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