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Visiting Kalaupapa National Historical Park

The strictly limited access to Kalaupapa National Historical Park requires prospective visitors be aware of several critical pieces of information before planning their visit.

Permits and Entering

  • Hawaiʻi State Law requires all visitors to secure a permit prior to entering Kalaupapa National Historical Park.
  • In the past, visitors were able to optain permits by booking a reservation with a guided tour company. Park staff are working closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health staff to welcome a limited number of visitors to the park again. Currently, there is no active permitted tour operator, and no tours are available at this time. Please continue to check this website for updates.
  • Guests of residents can obtain their permit with help from their host. The host must be a resident of Kalaupapa to apply for a permit. The host can submit the propert guest visitor permit application to the Board of Health Office.
  • Persons that do not prearrange their visit to the park or who have not properly secured a permit will be denied access to Kalaupapa.

Age Restrictions

  • Persons under 16 years of age are not permitted to visit Kalaupapa.

Medical Facilities

  • There are no medical facilities available in Kalaupapa Settlement. Any emergency medical response can take hours and may require a helicopter flight to O'ahu or Maui. For this reason, it is advised that you seriously consider a trip into Kalaupapa and if so, please bring any needed medications with you.

Food and Shopping

  • There are no dining or shopping facilities available in Kalaupapa Settlement. All food and sundries must be brought in and all trash taken out.


  • Photography of patient-residents and their property is strictly prohibited without their express written permission.


  • Overnight accommodations are available only to guests of residents.


  • Trail and Accesibility: The 3.5 mile trail to the park is extremely steep and challenging with uneven surfaces. Rock and mudslides on the trail are common. Hiking the trail is physically demanding and careful consideration should be given to your physical fitness level before beginning the hike. Read more about trail safety.
  • Isolation: Kalaupapa is an extremely isolated community. There are no medical services. Be prepared that in inclement weather or potential other challenges, it is possible that getting out of Kalaupapa will not be feasible. Due to this, it is suggested that upon a visit to Kalaupapa, you should bring any needed medications and even some extra food.

Last updated: May 31, 2023

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