Your Safety

Kalaupapa is a remote park on the island of Molokai, filled with cultural heritage and potential hazards. There is no guarantee of your safety. Regulations are strictly enforced to protect you and the park's resources.

Emergency Numbers
Unfortunately, emergencies can happen in the park. If an emergency arises, call 911. You may also contact Kalaupapa NHP Dispatch at 1-877-428-6911 (24 hours) or the Molokai Police Department at 808-553-5355. Please be aware that lack of cell phone reception in the park can make calling for help difficult.

Medical Facilities
There are no medical facilities available in Kalaupapa Settlement. Any emergency medical response requires a helicopter flight to O'ahu or Maui. If you have a medical emergency, response time for injuries may take hours. Lack of cell phone reception in the park can make calling for help difficult.

Kalaupapa Trail
The 3.5 miles trail to the park is extremely steep and challenging with uneven surfaces. Rock and mudslides on the trail are not uncommon. Hiking the trail is physically demanding and careful consideration should be given to your physical fitness level before beginning the hike. Read more about trail safety here.

Judd Park
Judd Park, the lunch stop for Damien Tours at Kalawao, is surrounded by steep, eroding cliffs along the ocean. Please use caution in this area and enter eroding areas at your own risk.

Hurricane season in Hawaii runs from June to November. Any park closures due to hurricanes or tropical storms will be posted on the park website and park social media pages. Further information about hurricanes can be found at NOAA's Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

Tsunamis can happen at any time. If you are at the park when a tsunami watch, advisory, or warning is issued, follow the instructions given to you. Further information about tsunamis can be found at NOAA's Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Site conditions can vary depending on weather and time of year. Remember to always wear sunscreen and a hat and to drink plenty of water when visiting the park. Watch for falling coconuts within the settlement. Carry insect repellent. Never hike without water; carry two to three liters per person. Watch your footing on uneven and sloped surfaces.

Last updated: January 19, 2018

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