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For the vast majority of Kalaupapa visitors, there is only one way to visit and one thing to do: go on a guided tour. Many parks and historical sites in Hawaii are open to visitors and recreation. However, Kalaupapa is an active patient community and is run as such.

Visiting a Kalaupapa resident with a guest permit instead of a visitor permit? Check with your host about which activities are allowed and which are prohibited before arriving.

Nearby Attractions:

There are a variety of nearby attractions on Molokai that teach about the history of the island and offer outdoor adventure.

Self-Guided Tours and Virtual Visits

Download the park app, search for Kalaupapa National Historical Park, and take a self-guided tour! All visitors require a permit.

  • In-person: Take a self-guided tour while in the settlement. Make sure to download the app before your visit and save Kalaupapa for offline use. The park does not have reliable cell service or wifi, so the tour will only be available to those who download the content ahead of time. The self-guided tours may be best for visitors of residents.
  • Virtually: Explore the park virtually through the app tours in the comfort of your own home to learn more about the history, culture, and life in Kalaupapa.

Prohibited Activities

  • Camping is prohibited at Kalaupapa National Historical Park. There are also no overnight accommodations in Kalaupapa settlement for visitors. The nearest camping facility is located at Palaʻau State Park, topside Molokaʻi. Palaʻau State Park sits at an elevation approximately 1600 feet above Kalaupapa Peninsula at the edge of the steep north-shore pali cliffs of Molokaʻi. The 233-acre heavily wooded park is located at the end of Highway 470, about 10 miles northwest of Kaunakakai, Molokaʻi. The park has campgrounds for tent camping in an ironwood and eucalyptus grove plus a large covered picnic pavilion and bathrooms.
  • Surfing is prohibited in the park and up to 1/4 mile offshore. There are open surfing beaches located on other parts of Molokai.
  • SCUBA and SNUBA Diving is prohibited in the park and up to 1/4 mile offshore. There are open SCUBA diving locations around other parts of Molokai.
  • This list is not all inclusive. To review all of the prohibited activities in Kalaupapa please read the Laws & Policies.

Last updated: December 1, 2022

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