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All visitors require a permit before visiting Kalaupapa and all tours are suspended until further notice. Park staff are working closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health staff to welcome a limited number of visitors to the park again. Please continue to check this website for updates.

Why Are There Visitation Restrictions?

Visitation to the park, including Kalawao County, the Kalaupapa Trail, the Kalaupapa settlement, and Waikolu Valley, is restricted to protect the privacy of the patient residents. General public visitation is provided only through participation in a park permitted tour, however no tours are operating at this time. Park staff are working closely with the Hawaii State Department of Health staff to address this.

The general public visitor will be able to experience Kalaupapa when a National Park Service (NPS) authorized interpretive tour resumes operations. These tours ensure the park can meet its purpose by protecting patient-residents’ privacy and protecting and interpreting cultural and natural features. Tour participants are issued a Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) permit for entry through their sponsor/NPS authorized tour owner. The DOH permit provides approval to book travel via air to Kalaupapa but does not grant permission to traverse the private property between the Kalae Hwy to the Kalaupapa Pali Trail. NPS is working towards securing an arrangement with the property owners. Until then, general visitor access is allowed only through the Kalaupapa Airport.

Last updated: July 10, 2023

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