Fuels and Stoves

Isle Royale National Park is a wilderness park that requires certain fuels for boating and cooking in the backcountry. Learn what is allowed and what is available within the park.

a yellow tent set up near Lake Superior with a sunset shining through the trees behind the campsite
A tent pitched at Huginnin Cove.

NPS / Kaitlyn Knick


Acceptable stove types:

  • White Gas (e.g. liquid fuel, Coleman fuel) stoves.
  • Canister stoves that burn an isobutane/propane mix.
  • Alcohol stoves which burn denatured alcohol.
  • Twig wood-burning stoves that hold the fire and embers within a small fire box (approximately 7” firebox or less) and leave little ash.
    • Use only dead and down twigs. Do not break branches from trees.

Unacceptable stove types:

  • Charcoal burning stoves
    • Except on personal boats and in established grill.
  • Solid fuel burning stoves
a red self-contained cooking stove set up on a birch log on the shore of Chickenbone Lake at West Chickenbone campground
Enjoy your meal!

NPS / Derrick Jaeger

Stove Fuel

Stove fuel is available at the Trading Post Camp Store in Rock Harbor, and the Windigo Camp Store during the summer season. These stores are operated by Rock Harbor Lodge.


  • White Gas (filled in bulk, bring-your-own-can)
  • 80/20 Isobutane/Propane Mix (puncture and screw on cap)

Not Sold

  • Alcohol fuel
  • Propane cylinders

Fuel Canisters Not Allowed in Aircraft

It is unlawful to carry explosive containers on the seaplanes that fly to Isle Royale National Park. Backpackers that fly out to the island during the summer season, from mid-June through early-September are able to purchase fuels at the camp stores as listed above. Early season and late season passengers are able to purchase fuel at the camp stores, even if they are closed for general purchases. Inquire with the seaplane concessionare when arranging travel.


Boat Fuel

Gasoline and diesel fuel are sold at the marinas of Rock Harbor, Windigo, and Mott Island.
More information is available on the Boat Fuel page.
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Last updated: August 24, 2023

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