Fordyce Bathhouse

Then & Now
Historic photo of the Fordyce Bathhouse. Modern image of the Fordyce Bathhouse.
Fordyce Bathhouse, 1915. NPS Photo/HOSP Archives
Fordyce Bathhouse, 2020. NPS Photo

color photo of front of Fordyce Bathhouse from the norht side in front of the hexagonal based fountain. The building is tan and buff colored brick with a losenge pattern. The porch is covered by a copper marquee that has Fordyce Baths in stained glass panels on the overhanging front. All windows have ornate surrounds of glazed terra cotta.
The beautiful Fordyce Bathhouse now houses the Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center

NPS photo


The Fordyce opened March 1, 1915. Designed by Little Rock architects Mann and Stern and constructed under the supervision of owner Sam Fordyce's son John, the building eventually cost over $212,000 to build, equip, and furnish. Totaling approximately 28,000 square feet, the Fordyce is the largest bathhouse on the Row. It has three main floors, two courtyards, and a basement under most of the building. The Fordyce became the first bathhouse on the Row to go out of business when it suspended operations on June 30, 1962, but it was extensively restored by 1989 and is now enjoying a renaissance as a historically furnished museum.


The Fordyce Bathhouse today functions as the park’s visitor center. You can talk with a park ranger, gather more information about the Park and local area, or join a ranger program.

Take a peek at some refurnished rooms.

Last updated: June 4, 2020

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