Fordyce Bathhouse

The exquisite stained glass ceiling of mermaides swimming in a pond over a statue of a native american woman offering water to a traveling man
The Men's Bathing Lobby

NPS Photo/Mitch Smtih

The first floor introduces you to the beauty of the bathhouse. From the lobby's marble and stained glass transoms, to the marble partitions of the bath halls, to the stained glass ceiling in the Men's Bath Hall, you can see why the Fordyce Bathhouse was considered to be the most opulent of the bathhouses.

The Fordyce Bathhouse operated from 1915-1962. It was the first bathhouse to close on Bathhouse Row due to declining business. The building remained vacant until reopening as the park visitor center in 1989.

Today, rangers and volunteers staff the front desk and provide orientation and information about Hot Springs National Park. Visitors are welcome to take a free, self-guided tour of each of the 3 floors (and basement) of the building which are filled with historic furnishings and informative exhibits that explore the history of bathhouses, the use of water as medicine, and the role of the thermal water in making this place a national park.

A grand piano with white lounge chairs and a decorative stained glass ceiling displaying what a Fordyce party room looked like
The Third Floor Party Room

NPS Photo/Mitch Smith

The second floor boasts two impressive exhibit spaces, "What is Health" and "Access through the Ages." Dressing rooms, massage parlours, and the Zander machine display can also be found on this floor.

An old gymnasium with all wooden equipment, showing wooden lifting clubs and a climbing rope
Fordyce Bathhouse Gymnasium

NPS Photo/Mitch Smtih

The third floor showcases the Music Room. Its patterned tile floor, stained glass ceiling and Knabe grand piano exude opulence. State Rooms speak of the luxury of relaxation, while the Gymnasium gives a glimpse of the forerunner of modern health clubs.

Old black and white photo of two men bowling; each is holding ball ready to roll it down the lane; one man sits in the background
Men enjoying the two lanes at the Fordyce bowling alley.

Historic Fordyce Bathhouse brochure

The Fordyce was the only bathhouse to have a bowling alley when it was still operating as a Bathhouse. Today you can still see the Fordyce Spring and the original Otis elevator mechanisms in the basement. Restrooms and water are also available on this floor.


Last updated: April 24, 2024

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