Beat the Heat - Summer Safety Rules

Your Safety:

  • Rivers – Many times during the year the rivers appear calm and peaceful. This is deceptive, however, as deep holes and swift undercurrents make them treacherous at any time of the year.
  • Traffic – The streets are not closed to traffic. Please stay on designated walkways.
  • Restoration – Barricades and roped off areas indicate restoration and construction areas. Please stay away from these areas.


  • Cultural Resources – Ruins and remnants of buildings and walls are found throughout the park. These areas are important, fragile resources. Please do not walk, sit or stand on these areas. Occasionally artifacts (glass, pottery, etc.) are found on the ground. Please do not pick up or remove these items. Notify a park ranger as to the location of the item(s).
  • Natural Resources – Abundant wildlife, flora and fauna, can be found throughout the park. Vegetation, although pretty or unusual looking, should be left where it is found. Various wild animal species live in the park. We ask that you remember while some may seem tame; they are indeed wild. Please refrain from feeding these animals or leaving lunch remains/trash where they can get to it.

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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