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Snowmobile use in the park is limited to the frozen surface of Jackson Lake for ice fishing access only. Access to the frozen surface of the lake is limited to the Colter Bay Swim Beach as posted there.

Best Available Technology (BAT) snowmobiles are required for operation in Grand Teton National Park. Snowmobiles older than 2015 model years are not approved. Model year 2015-2017 snowmobiles must have less than 6,000 miles on the odomoter to be approved.

Best Available Technology Snowmobiles
These snowmobiles satisfy the air emissions test procedures specified by the Environmental Protection Agency and the sound emissions limit as measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers J192 test procedures. This list was updated December 2023.

Ski Doo/Bombardier Model Years
Expedition Sport 600 ACE 2015‐2019
Expedition Sport 900 ACE 2015‐2018
Expedition LE 900 ACE 2020 ‐ 2024
Expedition SE 900 ACE 2020 ‐ 2024
Grand Touring Sport 600 ACE 2015‐2024
Grand Touring Limited 900 ACE 2019‐2023
Grand Touring Sport 900 ACE 2020 ‐ 2024
Grand Touring LE 900 ACE 2015‐2018
Grand Touring SE 900 ACE 2017‐2018
GSX LE 900 ACE 2015
MXZ Sport 600 ACE 2015‐2018
MXZ TNT 900 ACE 2015‐2018
MXZ Blizzard 900 ACE 2016‐2018
Renegade Sport 600 ACE 2015‐2019
Renegade Adrenaline 900 ACE 2015‐2018
Renegade Enduro 900 ACE 2016‐2018
Skandic WT 600 ACE 2021-2022
Skandic WT 900 ACE 2021-2022
Skandic LE 600 ACE 2023-2024
Skandic LE 900 ACE 2023-2024
Skandic SE 900 ACE 2023
Tundra LT 600 ACE 2015‐2020
Tundra Sport 600 ACE 2015‐2020
Yamaha Model Years
Yamaha RS10Y 2016‐2018

Per 36 CFR 7.22(g), this list is specific to a direct route upon the frozen surface of Jackson Lake for ice fishing while in possession of a WY fishing license and proper fishing gear, subject to additional regulations in 36 CFR 2.18.

For the latest BAT approved snowmobile list please refer to Yellowstone Best Available Technology(BAT) Snowmobiles

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway

Snowmobile use in John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway (JODR), except to access Yellowstone National Park (YELL) through its South Entrance (see below), is limited to Grassy Lake Road when open. Check road conditions before heading out. Off-road travel anywhere in JODR is prohibited. BAT snowmobiles are not required.

Things to Know

  • A person operating a snowmobile must possess a valid motor vehicle operator’s license. Temporary or learner’s permits are not acceptable.
  • Snowmobiles must be properly registered and display a valid registration from the United States or Canada.
  • All snowmobiles must have a working white headlight and a red taillight. Lights should be on at all times for safety.
  • Travel on Jackson Lake is at your own risk. Be aware of changing ice conditions.
  • Be alert for oncoming snowmobiles on Grassy Lake Road. Off-road travel is prohibited.
  • All snowmobile use is subject to posted speed limits and regulations pertaining to operation under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Snowmobiles may be operated between the hours of 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM, conditions permitting, upon the frozen water surface of Jackson Lake.
  • The maximum speed limit for all over-snow vehicles being operated on routes or areas designated through is 35 mph for snowmobiles.

Heading to Yellowstone?

Visit the Yellowstone National Park Web site for information regarding snowmobile and snowcoach tours and for non-commercial snowmobile access.

Last updated: January 22, 2024

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