Fire Media

Learn more about wildland fire in Grand Teton National Park through these multimedia resources.

Dispatches from the Field: The Berry Fire

Pink wildflowers and lush green grass carpet the forest floor, with burned trees in the background.
Elephanthead flowers and lush green grass returned the year after the Berry Fire.

Photo courtesy P. Sasnett

Watch a video that explores the largest fire in Grand Teton National Park history. The Berry Fire burned over 20,000 acres in 2016, and it closed the park highway for several days. But as scientists reenter the burned area a year later, they find a rejuvenated forest. The video examines why fire is necessary for a healthy forest, as well as the challenges and rewards of managing fire in a highly visited national park.

It's one episode in a series of short videos about park science, called "Dispatches from the Field." Watch the rest of the series on the park's YouTube channel.

Story Map: The Berry Fire

Explore the Berry Fire in more detail in this story map, to learn more about how the fire was managed and the important role fire plays in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Fire History Audio Tour

Discover the complex history of wildland fire in Grand Teton National Park through an audio tour, which can be accessed online or through the Grand Teton park app.

Historic Imagery Retake Project

This webmap showcases several repeat photo sets, like the ones on our Repeat Photos page. These are specific to the Bridger-Teton National Forest, which neighbors Grand Teton National Park to the south and east.

Last updated: October 23, 2019

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