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Grand Teton is an amazing place with an extreme climate, dramatic scenery and diverse wildlife, all of which might be very different from where you live. This presents a wonderful educational opportunity for your students. If you can't bring your class to Grand Teton, bring Grand Teton into your classroom! We offer free, interactive programs that you and your students can participate in using Skype. If you would like to use Grand Teton distance learning to enhance your curriculum, please see our offerings below.


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  • Grand Teton National Park

    Ask A Ranger

    Flip your classroom! This is a chance to have your students' curiosity take the lead. Students research topics of their choice before this broadcast and then have a question & answer session with a ranger. Grand Teton National Park has a variety of science and history. Students can use a variety of videos and on-line information to research prior to your online broadcast with the ranger.

    Distance Learning
    Grade level:
    Fourth Grade-Twelfth Grade
    Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Biology: Plants, Botany, Career Studies, Civic Engagement, Climate, Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Geology, Glaciers, History, Meteorology, Westward Expansion, Wildlife Biology
    National/State Standards:
    NG Life Science
    NG Earth Systems
  • Rangers sitting at a desk made of snow

    Surprising geology has created a landcape of beauty and variety. As part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the park is part of the largest intact, temperate ecosystem in the world, meaning it has the full spectrum of native species from producers to predators. From bison to beaver, hundreds of fascinating animals live in the Tetons and adapt to extreme winter conditions.

    Distance Learning
    Grade level:
    First Grade-Fifth Grade
    Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Climate, Ecology, Education, Science and Technology, Wildlife Biology

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