Federally Threatened and Endangered Fish Species

A composite image of four federally threatened or endangered fish species that live in park waters.
Four federally threatened or endangered fish species live in park waters. The Smoky madtom (left top) and the duskytail darter (top right)are considered endangered and the spotfin chub (bottom left) and the yellowfin madtom (bottom right) are federally threatened.

Spotfin chub photo courtesy of TR Russ. Other photos courtesy of Conservation Fisheries Incorporated.


Way to Go!

There are two federally endangered and two federally threatened species in the park. The two endangered species are the smoky madtom and the spotfin chub (turquoise shiner).

The two threatened species are the yellowfin madtom and the duskytail darter. Flame chubs are listed as a “species of concern” because they are rare within the park, but thriving in other areas within the U.S. They are all about the size of an average adult human finger.

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Last updated: April 14, 2015

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