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black and white photo from 1930's of park ranger escorting well dressed visitors on rim trail.
Digital Photo Archives

Over 5,000 Grand Canyon related photos in the public domain, or available under a Creative Commons attribution license.

Five people in silhouette are watching a colorful sunset. Two have bicycles.
B-roll Video Footage

Download public domain video clips - available free for multimedia use.

Three scientists in a raft on a green river. One is photographing, one is rowing, one with a laptop.
Grand Canyon In Depth

Video podcast series that explores the natural and human history of Grand Canyon National Park.

Six people taking photos at a scenic overlook as sunset illuminates a single peak in the canyon.
Inspiration Point Blog

Could inspiration be Grand Canyon's greatest resource? Personal observations and musings by a recent writer in residence, George Jacobi.

view from webcam on a cloudy day. areas of light and shadow across the landscape.
Area Webcams

Webcams offer a window into the sights, weather, air quality and seasonal changes that are taking place in the Grand Canyon region.

California Condor with wings outstretched is landing on a slickrock ledge
Virtual Tours

Start exploring Grand Canyon National Park virtually and experience the geology, hiking trails and river within.


Night Spoken Video Series by Park Ranger Rader Lane

Canyon Sketches eMagazine Archive

Podcast Directory - -- Legacy Ranger Minutes

The Photos and Multimedia section allows you to visit our park through sound and visuals. You will experience first-hand the diversity of natural wonders and human history that Grand Canyon National Park has to offer.


A computer generated view of a desert canyon, with a forested plateau in the distance.
One of Earth's few landforms visible from space, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River slices through 277 miles of Northwestern Arizona.

While there are certainly deeper canyons, nowhere else on Earth has width, depth and length combined in such a way as to produce anything quite like this breathtaking chasm.

Get a sense of the size and scope of Grand Canyon by flying over it - from one end to another - in a 7 minute animated video, Flight into Grand Canyon created by NASA, the USGS and the NPS.

Last updated: May 15, 2023

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