Fly-through Grand Canyon Animation

Over the course of 6 million years, the Grand Canyon has been carved by the Colorado River. One mile (1.6km) deep, 277 miles (433km) long, and up to 18 miles (28.8km)wide, this canyon is like none other. This animated flight is the product of a partnership between NASA, the NPS, and the USGS.

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7 minutes, 19 seconds

Experience roller-coaster twists and turns flying the length of the Colorado River while listening to a narrated introduction to Grand Canyon Geography.

Grand Canyon Fly-through Animation - Duration 07m 22s
Narration written by Andy Pearce, Rachel Brown. Produced by NASA, NPS, USGS
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NPS Views: Discovery web site
NPS VIEWS - Grand Canyon Discovery
The Grand Canyon truly is a special place. Life abounds within the canyon, in the Colorado River, and even along the rims.

Even humans have inhabited this area for at least the past couple thousand years. Learn more...

NPS Views Geology Virtual Tour
NPS VIEWS - Grand Canyon Geology

Grand Canyon is the result of a distinct and ordered combination of geologic events. Through this virtual experience you will be able to travel into this great chasm and unfold the chapters in Grand Canyon's geologic history. Learn more...


This animation work was sponsored by NASA’S Mars Exploration Program
and was produced for Mars Public Engagement’s
National Parks Initiative for Earth/Mars Comparisons
by the Solar System Visualization Project
Research & Technology Development Program
at the Digital Image Animation Laboratory
Image Processing Laboratory, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

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