• A hawk on the ground with a smaller bird in its talons

    About 447 known species of bird use the Grand Canyon, which has been designated as a Globally Important Bird Area.

  • A female bighorn sheep peers around a bush with a red wall canyon backdrop.

    91 species of mammals are known to call the Grand Canyon home.

  • A lizard with two distinctive black stripes on its neck and black and white spots on its lower body.

    About 48 species of reptiles (lizards, snakes, and others) live in the park.

  • A toad with red spots sits in the mud.

    About 10 species of amphibians inhabit this mostly desert place.

  • An orange monarch butterfly rests in the grass.
    Insects, Spiders, & Others

    These small, and most numerous of all the critters in the park, are critical to the canyon ecosystem.

  • A picture of an elk  kicking at at the back of a young woman who was trying to get a selfie.
    Wildlife Viewing & Safety

    All animals in the park are wild which means they can be unpredictable and dangerous. Keep them and you safe!


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Last updated: January 20, 2017

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