Because of its wide variety of ecosystems, Grand Canyon National Park is home to an incredible diversity of bird life with nearly 450 species of birds. In 2014, the Grand Canyon was designated as a Globally Important Bird Area to recognize the important role the park plays in protecting hundreds of bird species.
  • A photo of a book cover featuring a canyon wren.
    Species Checklists

    Bird checklists for Grand Canyon National Park.

  • A close up photo of a California Condor's bald head surrounded by black feathers.
    Bird Species of Concern

    The Grand Canyon is a refuge for some of the rarest bird species in the world.

  • A very small grey bird, a bush tit, at the tip of an evergreen tree.
    Bird Community Monitoring

    The Southern Colorado Plateau Network (SCPN) monitors the bird community in Grand Canyon's Mixed conifer forest, Pinyon-juniper woodland

  • A close-up shot of the dark hooded head of a peregrine falcon.
    Birds of Prey or Raptors

    The Grand Canyon is an important location for raptor conservation efforts.

  • A black necked-stilt stands on the water's edge near the vegetation.
    Riparian Birds

    The Colorado River and its dozens of tributary streams create important riparian habitat for many resident and migratory bird species.

  • A Pinyon Jay on the rim of the canyon with the canyon behind it.
    Other Notable Birds

    The Grand Canyon is home to hundreds of important species which fill important ecological roles.

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This little watering hole in the courtyard at Grand Canyon Headquarters was all aflutter with activity during fall migration 2020. As birds make their way across the country, they look for safe places to drink and bathe before they continue on their way. Some species in this video are residents to this area year-round, while others are just passing through. We are so lucky to have so many awesome birds call Grand Canyon home!

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    Last updated: September 30, 2020

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