Because of its wide variety of ecosystems, Grand Canyon National Park is home to an incredible diversity of bird life. Ranging from bald eagles to the tiny rufous hummingbird, the Grand Canyon's pine forests, desert scrub, and streamside zones are home to over 370 species of birds. Many of these birds are residents who spend their whole lives in the park, while many others are migratory species, who rely on the Grand Canyon for shelter and food during their massive migrations. In 2014, the Grand Canyon was designated as a Globally Important Bird Area to recognize the important role the park plays in protecting hundreds of bird species.
The Grand Canyon is not only habitat for common species, but also a key place to restore species that were almost lost. Park biologists study some of the rarest birds in the world, including California condors and southwestern willow flycatchers, which use the Grand Canyon as an important refuge.The peregrine falcon, once a critically endanger species, is now a common sight in the Grand Canyon thanks to decades of conservation efforts. While you visit the park, keep your eyes open for the hundreds of bird species that call the Grand Canyon home.

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