Nike Missile Site

volunteer leads visitors through nike missile museum

Welcome to the Nike Missile Site, a Cold War museum in the heart of GGNRA. During the tense years of the Cold War, from 1953 to 1979, the United States Army built and operated close to 300 Nike missile sites in the United States. These sites were designed as the last line of defense against Soviet bombers. Today, a dedicated group of volunteers works in partnership with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area on the continuous task of restoration at site SF-88L, the only fully restored Nike missile site in the country. This museum is an enduring reminder of the Cold War and allows visitors to reflect upon the realities of the Cold War and their influence on today's society.

Tips & Highlights

  • Saturdays 12:30 - 3:30 PM
  • Please note that the Nike Missile Site is closed during inclement weather.
  • On the first Saturday of each month, we host our Nike Veterans Open House who provide a first-hand account of their experience at Nike Missile Sites across the United States.
  • For more information, please contact: Marin Headlands Visitor Center (415) 331-1540.

Last updated: December 12, 2018

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