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Researcher examines plant with magnifying glass.

When and how should we intervene to help endangered coho salmon survive? How are our oak woodlands faring in the face of disease? What lives in the park now, and how do we try to make sure it will be resilient to future changes and challenges? Research and monitoring help us understand what’s happening with our most sensitive plants and animals, as well as those that tell us something about the park’s overall health. Tracking individual species like coho salmon, harbor seals, or rare plants—combined with larger, landscape-scale science partnerships—gives us information we can use to manage natural resources on both local and regional scales. It also allows us to make decisions that help balance recreational needs with those of the plants and animals we care for, and to plan for future changes.

  • Researcher examines plant with magnifying glass.

    Quick Reads

    Browse articles and information summaries about science and research at Golden Gate.

  • A researcher tags a weaned pup.


    Get the latest on science and research from the Bay Area Nature & Science Blog.

  • Portrait of Angie Pincetich, Hydrologic Technician

    Meet the Scientists

    Get to know the people behind the science that we do here at Golden Gate.

  • Natural resources staff and volunteers pause for a photo on a flower-filled hillside.

    Natural Resource Management

    The Natural Resources division works to understand and care for the abundant natural treasures found within Golden Gate.

  • Two technicians take measurements in a grassland vegetation plot.

    Information for Researchers

    Learn more about conducting research at Golden Gate.

  • Photo of researcher taking a measurement during a coho salmon spawner surveys on Redwood Creek

    Long-term Monitoring

    The Inventory & Monitoring Program tracks long term trends in the park's natural resources by focusing on a suite of ecological indicators.

  • Child uses a field microscope to get a closer look at tiny wetland creatures.

    Pacific Coast Science & Learning Center

    Research Learning Centers are field stations for many collaborative research activities and hands-on learning experiences.

  • A grizzly bear at Denali.

    National Program

    Explore the 32 Inventory and Monitoring networks at different National Parks across the country.

Last updated: November 1, 2022

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