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How Golden Gate Is Addressing Climate Change

Golden Gate National Recreation Area works to be part of the solution to climate change and helps visitors do the same. Our Climate Change Action Plan integrates the following actions into our planning, operations, and outreach:
A bus on a road, with the words "Muir Woods" displayed over the window
We are partnering with transit agencies to provide alternatives like the Muir Woods Shuttle, allowing park visitors to leave their cars behind.

Eliminating carbon emissions

Golden Gate uses 100% renewable electricity as of 2017, thanks to onsite solar generation at Alcatraz and Fort Mason, and purchasing power from community choice aggregations. In 2018, we offset our operational carbon emissions by purchasing credits to fund technologies like anaerobic digesters that capture methane from manure to prevent atmospheric release. We hope to do that again in the future.

Scientists use transects and measuring tape to look at species that compose tidepool ecosystems
In order to inform management plans, park scientists monitor plants and animals for the effects of climate change, and ocean acidification impacts on intertidal communities.

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Preparing for climate change

We are monitoring and managing for climate change effects. Documenting changes to the park's resources informs our responses, like expanding marsh areas to serve as buffers for sea level rise at Crissy Field or collecting seeds adapted to climate change in the Marin Headlands.
A crowd raises their hands as a ranger presents on sustainability in GOGA.
The park organizes a bi-annual Sustainability Summit where Bay Area attendees collaborate on solutions to a shared problem.

Educating staff, partners, and the public

Our interpretive programs explain environmental issues and develop personal connections between our visitors and the natural world. We invite you to take advantage of programs and volunteer activities as a way to steward your environment and explore your relationship with the park's rich history. The actions we take today will build upon the collective stories that Golden Gate tells in the decades to come.
A screenshot of the sustainability newsletter webpage, with small images displaying all the newsletters.
Reading our sustainability newsletters is the best way to stay up-to-date with climate change action happening in the park.

Learn more

Sustainability is important to us. Learn more by diving into our Sustainability Newsletters.

Climate Change Action Plan

Our Climate Change Action Plan expands upon the three major actions listed above that the park will undertake to address climate change, including:

Action 1: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, particularly within the park's energy, transporation, and waste sectors. Our plan includes, but is not limited to, utilizing 100% clean energy through on-site generation or purchase from a renewable energy provider, reducing petroleum consumption by NPS vehicles and equipment, enhancing shuttle services to the park, and reducing waste through composting and recycling.

Action 2: Plan for and adapt to future impacts of climate change. This will involve integrating adaptation into park policies and projects, enhancing collaboration between agencies, making science-informed decisions, increasing the adaptive capacity of both natural and cultural resources, and developing strategies to address risks to park facilities and operations.

Action 3: Increase climate change education and outreach. We will work to incentivize park staff to undertake action on climate change solutions as well as communicate the science and solutions to climate change to park visitors through interpretive programs, social media and web content, and exhibits. We also aim to play a leadership role in community, regional, and national efforts.

Last updated: November 15, 2021

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