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Could you imagine what life would be like without modern energy? The natural resources and energy we use are essential to our lives. However, the source of these resources and how they are used can significantly impact the environment. That impact is known as an environmental footprint. Sustainable practices lead to a reduction of the park's environmental footprint and contribution to climate change.

For years, Golden Gate National Recreation Area has worked to reduce its environmental footprint. The park's Green Team works to make the park more sustainable and implements Environmental Management System goals.
GGNRA GHG Emissions & GHG Park Operations Charts

Learn more about successful sustainability projects in the park by clicking the links.

  • Renewable energy provides clean, carbon-neutral electricity for our park operations. We utilize photovoltaic panels and wind turbines in multiple locations and purchase renewable electricity in Marin County.
  • Energy conservation and efficiency are the most cost-effective ways to reduce Golden Gate's carbon footprint. The park has audited all of its buildings and begun implementing many energy conservation measures.
  • Buildings contribute a great deal to the park's environmental footprint. There are several green buildings to see at the park that are LEED certified.
  • Transporation accounts for about a third of our Nation's greenhouse gases that cause climate change. The park is working to reduce the use of fossil fuels in our fleet of vehicles and heavy duty equipment.
  • Water is a precious resource, and Golden Gate is making efforts to conserve water whenever possible. Low flow faucets are only one example of the park's water conservation techniques.
  • Proper waste separation with recycling and composting helps decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills. Visitors play an active role in helping the park achieve its waste diversion goals.
  • Purchasing green products such as cleaning agents made with plant-based ingredients and recycled paper products help avoid the harmful impacts on health and the environment that conventional products may cause.

Learn more about the Alcatraz Island park site where we use a number of sustainable practices to reduce our environmental footprint.

Do you plan to travel to the park in an alternative fuel vehicle? If so, good for you! Your actions help us reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce petroleum use. Plan your trip with the Alternative Fueling Station Locator from the Department of Energy (use zip code 94123 to search).
For more resources and information go to our Sustainability Resources page.

Last updated: April 20, 2017

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