Golden Gate National Recreation Area takes seriously its responsibility to address climate change and other problems facing our environment. We are always looking for solutions that will help reduce our carbon footprint, increase our waste diversion, and protect our natural resources.

By continually improving the park’s sustainability, we are making real progress towards our goal of carbon-neutral park operations. Actions the park take now contribute to the broader collective response required to meet the environmental challenges of today, for the benefit of future generations.

rocky shoreline from above
Climate Change at Golden Gate

Explore Golden Gate's solution-based strategies in the face of coming changes.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy provides clean, carbon-neutral electricity for our park operations.

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Energy Conservation and Efficiency

Energy conservation and efficiency are the most cost-effective ways to reduce Golden Gate's carbon footprint.

Beach Hut Cafe
Green Buildings

contribute a great deal to the park's environmental footprint. There are several green buildings to see at the park that are LEED certified.

Sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge

is a precious resource, and Golden Gate is making efforts to conserve water whenever possible. Low flow faucets are only one example of the

an Alcatraz Ferry Boat on the water

accounts for about a third of our Nation's greenhouse gases that cause climate change. The park is working to reduce the use of fossil fuels

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Waste Separation

Proper recycling and composting helps decrease the amount of waste sent to landfills. Visitors play a key role.

man in uniform, holding chain saw, doing woodwork inside old brick building
Purchasing Green Products

Purchasing green materials and products helps avoid harmful impacts on health and the environment.

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Sustainability Newsletter Archive

Check out our annual sustainability newsletters to learn more!

Last updated: August 13, 2019

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