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Bullfrog North Ramp Operable for Small Vessel

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News Release Date: May 17, 2022

Contact: Mary Plumb, 928 608 6200

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is pleased to announce the recently extended Bullfrog North Boat Ramp in North Lake Powell is now operable for small, motorized vessels. (On May 16, the lake’s elevation was 3525.17.) A courtesy dock is available at the ramp. To reduce congestion, boaters are asked to please limit use of the courtesy dock to 10 minutes or less. All launch and retrieval of vessels is at your own risk.  

The Bullfrog North Ramp will become operable for houseboats and other large, motorized vessels once lake levels reach 3529 or higher. Once that lake level is reached, it is recommended that houseboats and large vessels launch and retrieve from the left side of the ramp only due to the topography of Bullfrog Bay on the right side of the concrete ramp. Real-time information is available 24/7 about Lake Powell’s fluctuating water levels, marina operations, and water-based visitor services at this link:  

Visitors should expect congestion at the Bullfrog North Ramp and are asked to exercise caution in all visitor use areas. To relieve congestion, boaters are asked to please prepare all boats before accessing the Bullfrog North Ramp. Visitors may prepare their vessels in the National Park Service Bullfrog Visitor Center parking lot and the Old Marina Store asphalt parking lot (before the gravel bypass road, see map). National Park Service staff will be on-site to provide guidance about use of the ramp, and the useable area will be marked with cones. Please see the attached map for traffic flow and parking guidelines.

Lake levels have also risen enough to allow small vessels to launch and retrieve from the Bullfrog Main Spur Ramp (see map). However, four-wheel drive vehicles are recommended due to slick mud and all launch and retrieval of vessels is at your own risk.  

Visitors to the Bullfrog area should only park in designated parking lots. Rising lake levels result in rapid changes to the shoreline. Property left near the shoreline can quickly become submerged in mud and/or water. Depending on the grade of land, a foot of water rising vertically will cover approximately 30 to 50 feet of land horizontally. Additionally, boaters need to be aware that rising water levels overnight can cause float toys and other objects left too close to the shoreline to float away. Houseboat users should check and possibly reset their anchors each day while they are recreating on Lake Powell.

Lake Powell water level fluctuations are determined by a wide range of factors, and it is not possible to predict daily elevations with absolute certainty. It is imperative that boaters check the park’s website about the status of preferred visitor use areas before heading to the lake.

Bullfrog North Ramp Traffic Map
Bullfrog North Ramp


Bullfrog Area Map identifying trailer parking, open and closed ramps.
Bullfrog Area Map. Not for navigational use. Lake Powell water levels may differ from those shown on map.


!!UPDATE: 05/20/2022- Water levels have changed and Bullfrog Spur Launch Ramp is closed. Check Chanign Lake Level's web page linked in original press release text.

Last updated: May 20, 2022

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