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Predicted Closure of Wahweap Main Launch Ramp

Words: Glen Canyon Low Water Update


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News Release Date: July 30, 2021

Contact: Kendall Neisess, 928-608-8685

Lake Powell boaters are reminded that the Wahweap Main Launch Ramp in South Lake Powell is expected to become unusable for all motorized watercraft once lake water levels reach an elevation of 3551 feet. Calculations based on current rates of water loss estimate that the lake may reach this elevation within 10 to 14 days. Visitors should be aware that once lake elevations reach this level, the Wahweap Main Launch Ramp will be closed to the launch and retrieval of all motorized watercraft. Glen Canyon National Recreation Area staff are monitoring conditions at the Wahweap Main Launch Ramp closely in order to ensure the ramp remains open as long as possible.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is also announcing plans to improve the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp, a previously submerged legacy launch ramp adjacent to Wahweap Main Launch Ramp. The Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will provide temporary and limited boater access to South Lake Powell while rehabilitation of the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp is underway. The Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will also allow for critical emergency retrievals of damaged or stranded vessels. 

The Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp was designed and constructed in the 1960s as a temporary ramp for small vessels and has been fully or partially submerged since that time. Due to the friable state of the remaining asphalt ramp materials, saturated soils below the asphalt ramp, limited room to turn vessels around at the top of the ramp, and utilities along the roadway that will provide access to the ramp, the Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will not accommodate all classes of vessels. Launching at the temporary Wahweap Auxiliary Ramp will be limited to motorized vessels that are less than 36 feet in length and do not require Arizona Department of Transportation Oversize Permitting for highway travel (up to 8 feet 6 inches vessel beam [width]). Boaters are advised that this ramp will only be available to boaters during predetermined operating hours that will be posted for the public. Temporary closures and/or limited launching may occur to install additional ramp materials and assess ramp conditions. These restrictions are necessary to preserve the integrity of the ramp structure and to ensure the ramp remains available for boaters, administrative use, and emergencies while the restoration of the Stateline Auxiliary Ramp is underway. Construction timeline projections indicate theStateline Auxiliary Ramp may be open for partial launching as early as Labor Day weekend. We will provide updates as they become available.

Lake Powell water level fluctuations are determined by a wide range of factors and it is not possible to predict daily elevations with absolute certainty. It is imperative that visitors check the park’s website often about the status of preferred launch destinations before heading to the lake. Information about ramp status is available 24-7 on our website at:

A truck pulling a trailer sits on the edge on metal ramp extension along waters edge.
Wahweap Main Launch July 30 2021


Last updated: August 6, 2021

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