A man wearing a life jacket and a woman scrub a sandstone wall
GRIT participants clean grafitti from the canyon walls


Lake Powell beckons over a million visitors every year, each looking for something different: fun, relaxation, beauty, togetherness. Hundreds of these people make up a very special group who come to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area each year. They are Volunteers-in-Parks (VIPs)—stewards of the National Park Service. The reasons they share their services are different for each: love of Glen Canyon, wanting to do something positive, a strong sense of giving back and doing for others, care for the environment. Many of our volunteers return year after year because it is such a rewarding experience.


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A houseboat and runabout are beached on Lake Powell. Cliffs and clouds in the background.
The Trash Tracker houseboat and barge

Houseboat Volunteer Opportunities

Trash Tracker Program

Applications for the 2019 Trash Tracker season will be accepted February 1, 2019.

Grafitti Removal and Intervention Team Program

Applications for the 2019 GRIT season will be accepted February 1, 2019.

Canyon Host Program

Have your own houseboat? Apply to be a Canyon Host!


Current Volunteer Opportunities For Groups

Glen Canyon is a dynamic location with multiple volunteer opportunities. Peruse our current projects to see which one is best for you! Options are dependent on time of year and availability of staff. Logistics can be flexible; if your group has different parameters call the Volunteer Office at 928-608-6356 and we’ll try to work something out! More information can be found on the national level at Volunteer.gov.

Ongoing Activities

Activities appropriate for volunteers 15 and older. May involve the use of tools, heavy lifting, and long periods of standing/walking.

  • Bat Monitoring: Set up nets and record bat data! Half or full day commitment. (2-5 people)

  • Native Seed Collection: Collect seeds with the vegetation crew. (2-20 people)

  • Weeding: Remove weeds around orchard trees at Lonely Dell Ranch. Half day activity. (2-20 people)

  • Irrigation: Remove debris from irrigation tracks at Lonely Dell Orchard. (2-20 people)

  • Ditch Desilting: Clean out ditches at Lonely Dell Ranch. Half or full day. (2-20 people)

  • Invasive Species: Remove Arrowhead, Tamarisk, Black Locus trees at Lonely Dell Ranch. Half or Full Day. (2-20 people)

  • Graffiti Removal: Demolish graffiti left on sandstone. Includes repetitive arm movement and hiking with tools. Half or full day commitment. (4-25 people)

Family Friendly

Family friendly activities for all ages! Half day activities at various locations throughout the park.

  • Trash Clean-Up: Collect litter on beaches and along trails. (4-40 people)

  • Lonely Dell Pick-Up: Help keep Lonely Dell Ranch clean and healthy! (4-40 people)

  • Dragonfly Mercury Project: Contribute to a nation-wide project by collecting juvenile dragonflies. (2-10 people)

Skill Based Activities

Great for those who want to volunteer for multiple days and have specialized skills!

  • Historic Preservation Maintenance: Restore or maintain the Weaver House at Lonely Dell Ranch. Maximum of 5 people and skill based knowledge in areas such as construction, carpentry, painting, etc. (2-5 people)


Adopt-a-Canyon is a clean-up program that promotes pride and local ownership of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Similar to the Adopt -a-Highway program, a business and/or an organized group of people can choose to adopt any canyon within the park and volunteer to bi-annually pick up trash, monitor graffiti and human waste, and generally sponsor and assist in maintaining the overall beauty of a specific canyon. Volunteer and you will be doing something great for your community. In addition, we will recognize your group's efforts on social media and at the Love Your Lake Community Clean-up. Lake Powell has over 90 major side canyons and all are available for adoption!


Current Volunteer Opportunities for Individuals

Spend a few days or a few weeks volunteering in Glen Canyon!

Last updated: June 7, 2019

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