Example Route of the Glacier Bay Day Tour

Map Information and Disclaimer

This map shows Glacier Bay proper with an example "Dayboat" tour route. The Dayboat is operated by the Glacier Bay Lodge, and is a daily tour boat departing from and returning to Bartlett Cove each day. Each tour on the Dayboat varies, and different routes might be taken due to weather, ice in the water, or other reasons. This example route belows shows many stops that would represent a best-case scenario with timing, tides, and weather (for example, this map shows the tour boat ducking into Tidal Inlet, which is not usually chosen as part of the route). This map should not be used as a guide, and is for reference only. Additional to the info above, the daily tour boat offers daily camper dropoff and pickup (click here for details and maps with GPS coordinates) at two locations in the bay, which change throughout the summer and are not pointed out on the map below.


Last updated: May 14, 2024

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