Glacier Bay Boater Orientation

2021 Boater Orientation Video

An orientation is required for individuals operating vessels in Glacier Bay. Please watch the following videos to complete your orientation:
  1. 2021 Glacier Bay Boater's Orientation
  2. On the Water
Only vessel operators are required to complete an orientation. When applying for a Glacier Bay Private Vessel Permit. Sign the bottom of your application that you have completed all portions of your orientation.

Your Boater Orientation is not complete until you have signed the bottom of the permit application and sent it to the Visitor Information Station.

A signature is required and your permit may be delayed or denied if we do not have your orientation recorded.

Applying for your first permit of the season?
Please complete the boaters orientation section at the bottom of your permit application and send it in when you apply. Any additional permits you apply for will have your orientation on record.

Completing your orientation but not applying for a permit?
You may complete your orientation at any time. It is not required to apply for a permit. Just fill out the boaters orientation section on the permit application and email it to: GLBA_VIS@NPS.GOV. We will have a record of your orientation when you apply for your next permit.

2021 Private Vessel Permit Application


The 2021 Ranger-led Boater Orientation video is still in development. Please check back after May 1, 2021. In the meantime, please feel free complete half of your 2021 boater orientation by watching our On the Water video! Remember to send the Visitor Infromation Station a signed confirmation when you have completed both videos.
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13 minutes, 26 seconds

Your 2021 mandatory orientation before boating into Glacier Bay's wild waters.

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20 minutes, 37 seconds

Glacier Bay Boater's Orientation Video. Take a safe and successful journey on the beautiful waters of Glacier Bay National park. Boating regulations, recommendations, and insider knowledge will help you enjoy your boating adventure and ensure the protection of Glacier Bay's resources.

Last updated: June 10, 2021

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