Wildlife Viewing Seasonal Calendar

a person in a kayak on the ocean watches a humpback whale raise its fin out of the water
A paddle through the waters of Glacier Bay is one of the best ways to catch once in a lifetime wildlife sightings. NPS Photo
The world of Glacier Bay is a very different place from season to season. A walk along the quiet, snowy paths of Bartlett Cove in January may reveal the tracks of river otters, porcupines, and even wolves, that would be hard to make out at any other time. In June, newly born harbor seal pups may dot the icebergs on an adventure up the waters of Glacier Bay. Find out what wildlife one might encounter during a visit to the park in each season with the Wildlife Viewing Seasonal Calendar.
a black bear holds a salmon in its mouth with rocks and vegetation in the background.

Spring Wildlife Viewing

Bears emerge from their dens, some migrating birds arrive, and mountain goats move to lower elevations: There is lots to see in Glacier Bay.

a humpback whale breaches partially out of still water, with land in the background.

Summer Wildlife Viewing

Glacier Bay is alive with wildlife in the summer months. Catch a humpback whale breach, or watch harbor seals with their pups.

a mountain goat stands alone on a bare rock cliff.

Fall Wildlife Viewing

Fall is a season of migration for many animals in Glacier Bay. Moose and mountain goats are in rut, and predators enjoy late runs of salmon.

a moose stands in between snowy bushes, looking at the camera

Winter Wildlife Viewing

Snowy landscapes provide some of the best opportunities to see wildlife tracks, and often force animals to coastal areas.

Last updated: February 8, 2018

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