Wildland Fire

Fire is a natural part of the environment, as natural as a rainstorm or a strong wind. Fire is essential for the health of Glacier's ecosystem, as it maintains a natural balance and mix of plants and trees that in turn contributes to a diversity of wildlife. Fire reduces woody material to ash and releases nutrients. It also reduces build-up of deadfall and organic material, which may lessen the intensity of future fires. There is a natural succession of growth, death, and restoration that depends on fire.
Smoke and large plume billow over mountain ridge
Current Fire Information

Find out what is happening at the park and nationwide.

burnt park sign barely readable
Outdoor Fire Safety

There are benefits to fire, but they can also pose a threat to human life and property. Learn how to prevent forest fire and be prepared.

new green leafy plant grows in charred ground
Fire Ecology

In-depth information about fire's natural role in the forest.

grainy image of burnt landscape with barrels in foreground and smoke and mountains in background
Fire History

Fires have occurred almost every year of the park's existence.

person with backpack faces lake and stands in forest of burnt snags and thick new undergrowth
Fire Education

Activities and information to help teachers teach and students learn about fire ecology.

line of firefighters use hand tools to dig in backcountry
Fire Management

Managing fire on park lands is not just fighting. There is research, planning, and strategy involved long before any sparks ignite.


Looking for images? There is an album dedicated to fire photos on the park flickr site.

Last updated: July 9, 2016

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