K-3, Unit Four, Activity 3: "The Bear Facts"

Students gather bear facts from independent reading and teacher-guided information. Geographical comparisons are addressed through the "big Circle" concept (Unit One).

Grade Levels: 2-3
Time Required: 2 or 3 sessions of 1/2 hour
Subject Areas: language arts, visual arts, geography, life science



  1. Have students do independent research on facts about bears. If you are in the Glacier National Park area, see if you can borrow the bear traveling trunk.
  2. Discuss and chart the facts they have found.
  3. On the large posters, have students draw or cut out pictures and paste them on the poster. Then have them write their bear facts in and around the pictures. Give them opportunities to share what they have written.
  4. On the map of North America, have students shade the ranges of the three bears in different colors, making a key for each color.

Variations and Extensions:
Using the bear shapes handouts from Activity 2, or pictures they have found of bears, have students create a specific habitat for each bear and then place the outline in the picture.

Last updated: November 3, 2017

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