6-8 Lesson Plans

A dead whitebark pine
Dead Whitebark Pine Above a Valley


Keystone Species Connections

  • It’s Not Easy Being Grizz – outdoor game illustrating the calories du jour sequence for grizzlies; whitebark pine decline effects and bear relationships with squirrels.
  • It Was a Very Good Year – dendrochronology and climate change in whitebark pines, and tree rings of student personal histories.
  • News Bearly Fit to Print – an archival look at the times and types of bear – human conflicts (related back to whitebark pine). A visit by a bear management specialist. Students analyze bear-human conflict locations.
  • Nutcracker Fantasy – an outside “hide and retrieve” game illustrating the memory capabilities of the Clark’s nutcracker.
  • Subalpine Web – the classic information cards for members and yarn for connections “web game”, removing keystone whitebark pine from the web to show effects.

Spotted Knapweed growing in front of a Red Bus
Spotted Knapweed Growing in front of a Red Bus


Invasive Species

  • Who Grows There? – introduced plants, identification, range expansion, with a public service activity / eradication project.

A the top of a structure
The top of a Blackfoot structure

NPS Photo

Work House Education Program

  • The Work House Program is a science and Indian education curriculum for use in the classroom and in Glacier National Park. Work House consists of five interrelated units that present oral histories and parallel western science explanations. The student readings are at 6th-8th grade level but the lessons can be used for many grade levels.
Mountains and a Valley

Glacier's Landscape


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