CUA Application Process and Required Reporting


2024 Spring & Summer CUAs Application Process


Glacier has begun accepting CUA applications using the new NPS Online CUA Application and Reporting System for the 2024 season.

2024 Spring & Summer CUA applications will only be accepted between December 1, 2023 – March 31, 2024. This is a 4-month window to submit your application. Applications will not be accepted after 8 a.m MST on April 1, 2024. Applications must be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance of the CUA applicant's first scheduled trip. Applications are processed in the order they are recieved. Incomplete applications get moved to the back of the list. Incomplete CUA applications will continue to be processed through April 30, 2024. Applications that have not been completed by April 30, 2024 will not be issued a CUA for 2024.

For 2024, the non-refundable CUA Application Fee will be $550 for each activity-based CUA application. $50 goes to NPS to maintain the Online System. $500 stays in Glacier National Park to cover staff time to process and issue the CUA. This will be credited towards any applicable end-of-year management fees. In 2025, there will be a NPS standardized application fee of $350.

Apply now via the CUA Online Application and Reporting System (COARS).

These documents are either required when submitting your application, before you begin operating, or to report use throughout the CUA season. Click to download.

To view tutorials on how to apply for a CUA using COARS please visit: How to Apply for a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) Permit.

NOTE: The names of our CUA types are updated in the online application system for consistency with NPS standards.

Old Name

New Name


Guided Bicycle Tours and Bicycle Shuttles (Hiker/Biker)

Split - Bicycle Tours were added to the Bicycle Tours Summer CUA. Bicycle Shuttles was modified to pilot expanded shoulder season shuttle services under the new name - Transport (non- tour) - Parkwide.

Transport (non-tour) - road, air, water based

Expanded - Pilot Shoulder Season Shuttle Services. Authorizes road-based guided bicycle tours during hiker/biker access and when roads are open to vehicle traffic.

Guided Bicycle Tours (Summer)

Bicycle Tours

Expanded - Combines bicycle tours for hiker/biker and summer season.

Photography and Art Workshops (Summer)

Photography Instruction

No Change - Authorizes instructional workshops that focus on the scenic, cultural, and/or natural resources of Glacier to create an instructional based experience designed to improve a photographer's or artist's skills and/or techniques.

Birding Workshop (Summer)

Environmental Education - birding classes, biology courses, etc

No Change - Authorizes instructional birding workshops that focus on teaching field birding skills and birds in Glacier National Park

East Side Shuttle Service (Summer)

Transport (non-tour) - road, air, water based

No Change - Authorizes shuttle service for the purpose of picking up and dropping off visitors within Glacier National Park’s east side at designated locations.

Step-on Guide Service (Summer)

Not being offered as a CUA at Glacier in 2024

Operating conditions applicable to CUA holder can be viewed on our Glacier National Park CUA Conditions Page - National, Park and Activity Specific conditions are all available.


Annual Reporting and Management Fees

Annual Report Form

The annual report form collects information on number of clients, trips, and revenue earned from the CUA holder’s operations in the park for the operating year.

  • All CUA holders are required to submit an annual report, NPS Form 10-660 by January 31st for the proceeding year.
  • A separate annual report is required for each CUA.
  • An annual report is required even if no revenue was earned during the operating year.

Management Fees

Management fees at Glacier National Park are based on a percentage of the gross receipts earned for authorized commercial activities conducted in the park during the operating year.

Management fees are required for the following CUAs:

  • Ski/Snowshoeing Tours, Spring Bicycle Tours and Bicycle Shuttle Service, Summer Bicycle Tours, Photography, Art and Birding Workshops, and East Side Shuttle Services.

Management Fees are calculated using the amount reported under Gross Receipts (question 8) on the NPS 10-660 Form.

  • “Gross receipts” represents the total amount of all revenues received from services CUA holder is permitted to offer within Glacier National Park.
  • The percentage of gross receipts for services will be calculated by:
    • Businesses with gross annual receipts of $250,000 or less will pay 3% of their gross receipts.
    • Businesses will pay 4% of gross receipts for amounts between $250,001 to $500,000, this is in addition to the 3% for gross receipts under $250,000 listed above.
    • Businesses will pay 5% of gross receipts for the amount of gross receipts over $500,000.01; this is in addition to the amounts listed above.
  • The $550 application fee is a mandatory, one-time, non-refundable fee submitted when applying for a CUA. The application fee is credited toward the determined management fee due for each activity during submittal process.

To Complete Reporting and Payment Process:

This process is applicable to 2022/2023 Winter CUA holders, 2023 Spring/Summer CUA holders, and 2023/2024 Winter CUA holders. 2024 Spring/Summer CUA holders will have a different process with the online system.

  • Download Annual Report 10-660 (.docx 648kb) and Management Fee Calculation Tool (.xlsx).
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions found on page 3 of the NPS 10-660 Form.
  • Input the appropriate information into the Management Fee Calculation Tool.
  • Email completed Annual Report Form 10-660, Management Fee Calculation Tool, to by January 31st with subject line - "[CUA Name - last four of CUA Number] - 2023 Annual Report".
  • Our office will then review the Annual Report Form and Management fee for accuracy. You will then be instructed to pay the management fee on within 30 days of review.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding annual reports and management fees, please contact


CUA Suspension, Revocation or Denial

CUA holders and their employees are required to meet the conditions of the CUA while operating within Glacier National Park. Failure to meet these conditions may result in CUA suspension, restriction, revocation or application denial. Review Glacier National Park's CUA Suspension, Restriction, Revocation and Application Denial Policy.

Last updated: December 7, 2023

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