Order of Battle: Fredericksburg Confederate 1st Corps

Fredericksburg Order of Battle
December 11-15 1862

Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee

First Corps Army of Northern Virginia:
Lieutenant General James (Pete) Longstreet

McLaws Division:
Major General Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade:
Brigadier General Joseph Kershaw

2nd South Carolina: Col. John D. Kennedy
3rd South Carolina:
Col. James D. Nance
Lieut. Col. William D. Rutherford
Maj. Robert C. Maffett
Capt. William W. Hance
Capt. John C. Summer
Capt. John K. O. Nance
7th South Carolina: Lieut. Col. Elbert Bland
8th South Carolina: Capt. E. T. Stackhouse
15th South Carolina: Col. W. D. DeSaussure
3rd South Carolina Battalion: Lieut. Col. W. G. Rice

Barksdale's Brigade:
Brigadier General William Barksdale

13th Mississippi: Col. J. W. Carter.
17th Mississippi: Col. John Fiser
18th Mississippi: Lieut. Col. W. H. Luse
21st Mississippi: Col. Benjamin Humphreys

Cobb's Brigade:
(1.) Brigadier General Thomas R. R. Cobb (mw)
(2.) Colonel Robert McMillan

16th Georgia: Col. Goode Bryan.
18th Georgia: Lieut. Col. S. Z. Ruff.
24th Georgia:
Col. Robert McMillan.
Cobb’s Legion:
Phillips' Legion: Col. B. F. Cook.

Semmes' Brigade:
Brigadier General Paul Semmes

10th Georgia
50th Georgia
51st Georgia
53rd Georgia

Divisional Artillery
Colonel Henry Cabell

Manly's (North Carolina) Battery
Read's (Georgia) Battery
1st Company Richmond Howitzers (McCarthy's Battery)
Troup (Georgia) Artillery (Carlton's battery)

Anderson’s Division:
Major General Richard Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade:
Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox

8th Alabama
9th Alabama
10th Alabama
11th Alabama.
14th Alabama

Mahone's Brigade
Brigadier General William (Little Billy) Mahone

6th Virginia
12th Virginia
16th Virginia
41st Virginia
61st Virginia

Featherston's Brigade:
Brigadier General Winfield Featherston

12th Mississippi
16th Mississippi
19th Mississippi
48th Mississippi (5 companies)

Wright's Brigade:
Brigadier General Ambrose (rans) Wright

3rd Georgia: Col. Edward Walker
22nd Georgia:
48th Georgia: Capt. M. R. Hall
2nd Georgia Battalion: Capt. C. J. Moffett

Perry's Brigade:
Brigadier General Edward Perry

2nd Florida:
5th Florida:
8th Florida:
Capt. David Lang.
Capt. Thomas R. Love.

Divisional Artillery:

Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery: Capt. V. Maurin
Huger's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. Frank Huger
Lewis' (Virginia) Battery: Capt. John W. Lewis
Norfolk (Virginia) Light Artillery Blues: Lieut William Peet

Pickett’s Division:
Major General George Pickett

Garnett's Brigade:
Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett

8th Virginia
18th Virginia
19th Virginia
28th Virginia
56th Virginia

Armistead's Brigade:
Brigadier General Lewis Armistead

9th Virginia
14th Virginia
38th Virginia
53rd Virginia
57th Virginia

Kemper's Brigade:
Brigadier General James Kemper

1st Virginia
3rd Virginia
7th Virginia
11th Virginia
24th Virginia

Jenkins' Brigade:
Brigadier General Micah Jenkins

1st South Carolina (Hagood's)
2nd South Carolina (Rifles)
5th South Carolina
6th South Carolina.
Hampton Legion.
Palmetto Sharpshooters

Corse' s Brigade:
Brigadier General Montgomery Corse

15th Virginia
17th Virginia
30th Virginia
32nd Virginia

Divisional Artillery:

Dearing's (Virginia) Battery
Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery (Stribling's battery)
Richmond (Fayette) Artillery (Macon's battery)

Hood’s Division:
Major General John Bell Hood

Law's Brigade:
Brigadier General Evander Law

4th Alabama
44th Alabama
6th North Carolina
54th North Carolina:
Col. J. C. S. McDowell
57th North Carolina:
Col. A. C. Godwin

Robertson' s Brigade:
Brigadier General Jerome Robertson

3rd Arkansas
1st Texas
4th Texas
5th Texas

Anderson's Brigade:
Brigadier General George T. Anderson

1st Georgia (Regulars)
7th Georgia
8th Georgia
9th Georgia
11th Georgia

Toombs' Brigade:
Colonel Henry (Rock) Benning

2nd Georgia
15th Georgia
17th Georgia
20th Georgia

Divisional Artillery

German (South Carolina) Artillery (Bachman's Battery)
Palmetto (South Carolina) Light Artillery (Garden's Battery)
Rowan (North Carolina) Artillery (Reilly's Battery)

Ransom’s Division:
Brigadier General Robert Ransom Jr.

Ransom's Brigade:
Brigadier General Robert Ransom Jr.

24th North Carolina
25th North Carolina: Lieut. Col. Samuel C. Bryson
35th North Carolina
49th North Carolina
Branch's (Virginia) Battery (Attached to Brigade)

Cooke's Brigade.
(1.) Brigadier General John R. Cooke
(2.) Colonel E. D. Hall

15th North Carolina
27th North Carolina: Col. John A. Gilmer Jr.
46th North Carolina:
Col. E. D. Hall
48th North Carolina: Lieut. Col. Samuel H. Walkup
Cooper's (Virginia) Battery (Attached to Brigade)

First Corps Artillery:

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery.
Colonel James B. Walton

1st Company: Capt. C. W. Squires
2nd Company: Capt. J. B. Richardson
3rd Company: Capt. M. B. Miller
4th Company: Capt. B. F. Eshleman

Alexander's Battalion:
Lieutenant Colonel Edward Porter Alexander

Bedford (Virginia) Artillery: Capt. Tyler Jordan
Eubank's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. J. L. Eubank
Madison Light Artillery (Louisiana): Capt. George Moody
Parker's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. William Parker
Rhett's (South Carolina) Battery: Capt. A. B. Rhett
Woolfolk's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. P. Woolfolk Jr.

2nd Corps Order of Battle.
Cavalry Order of Battle.

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