Order of Battle Confederate Cavalry Fredericksburg

Order of Battle Fredericksburg December 11-15, 1862

Cavalry Division Army of Northern Virginia:
Major General J. E. B. Stuart

Brigadier General Wade Hampton

1st North Carolina Cavalry: Col. L. S. Baker
1st South Carolina Cavalry: Col. J. L. Black
2nd South Carolina Cavalry: Col. M. C. Butler
Cobb's (Georgia) Legion Cavalry: Lieut. Col. P.M. B. Young
Phillips' (Georgia) Legion Cavalry: Lieut. Col. William W. Rich

Brigadier General Fitzhugh Lee

1st Virginia Cavalry: Col. James Drake
2nd Virginia Cavalry: Col. Thomas Munford
3rd Virginia Cavalry: Col. T. H. Owen
4th Virginia Cavalry: Col. Williams Wickham
5th Virginia Cavalry

Brigadier General W. H. F. (Rooney) Lee

2nd North Carolina Cavalry: Col. S. Williams
9th Virginia Cavalry: Col. R. L. T. Beale
10th Virginia Cavalry:Col. Lucius Davis
13th Virginia Cavalry: Col. John Chambliss Jr
15th Virginia Cavalry: Col. William Ball

Brigadier General William (Grumble) Jones

6th Virginia Cavalry: Col. John Green
7th Virginia Cavalry: Col. R. H. Dulany
12th Virginia Cavalry: Col. A. W. Harman
17th Virginia Battalion Cavalry: Lieut. Col. O. R. Funsten
35th Virginia Battalion Cavalry,White's (Virginia) battalion (The Commanches), Maj. Elijah White

Stuart Horse Artillery:
Major John Pelham (The Gallant Pelham)

Breathed's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. J. Breathed.
Chew's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. R. P. Chew
Hart's (South Carolina) Battery: Capt. J. F. Hart
Henry's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. M. W. Henry
Moorman's (Virginia) Battery: Capt. M. N. Moorman

1st Corps
2nd Corps

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