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Can't visit Fort Vancouver National Historic Site right now? No problem! Check out these resources to learn about Fort Vancouver, Vancouver Barracks, Pearson Field, and the McLoughlin family from the comfort of your home!

Activities & Lesson Plans

NEW! A "Taste" of Fort Vancouver
Learn about the history of food and dining at Fort Vancouver, and try your hand at historic and historically-inspired recipes developed by volunteer chef Bob Prinz!

Wee Dig Archaeology
Learn about the fascinating science of archaeology in this interactive activity designed for kindergarteners and first graders!

Build a Beaver Dam
Learn about beavers and beaver dams, then try building your own dam in this fun, hands-on activity for kids!

Make Your Own Spode Plate
The people who lived at Fort Vancouver ate off of beautiful dishes made by the Spode Company. Today, archaeologists find pieces of these plates underground. In this activity, design your own Spode plate pattern!

Design Your Own Arrowhead
The National Park Service arrowhead, worn by National Park Rangers across the United States, is a symbol of the things the National Park Service values, protects, and shares. What do you value? Design your own arrowhead emblem with the things that are important to you!

Web Scavenger Hunt
How good are you at finding information online? Explore our website to find the answers to this scavenger hunt - and learn about the history of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site along the way! (Download the Web Scavenger Hunt answer key here.)

What is Stratigraphy?
Archaeologists use stratigraphy to help understand archaeological sites. But what is it? Learn about this fascinating science and try your hand at analyzing an archaeological site using stratigraphy! (Download the What is Stratigraphy answer key here.)

Make Your Own Museum
Download this PDF and learn how to make your own museum exhibit at home in this activity designed for elementary school-aged children.

Fort Vancouver coloring pages

Teaching the Village with Collections Lesson Plan

Fort Vancouver Junior Ranger Book

National Park Service Junior Archaeologist Book

Videos & Films

Oregon Experience: Fort Vancouver
A 30-minute film on the history of Fort Vancouver, which debuted on OPB in 2019.

Native artists at Fort Vancouver
Hear from American Indian artists who have exhibited their artwork at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site.

History Talks with Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Curator Meagan Huff
Learn about the history of Fort Vancouver National Historic Site with the national park's curator.

Making Seabiscuits at Fort Vancouver
Learn how Fort Vancouver's bakers made seabiscuits, or hard tack, for the residents of the fort, fur traders, and sailors.

Spruce Mill
Learn about the World War I-era Spruce Mill at Vancouver Barracks in this short video.

Virtual Experiences

Fort Vancouver Virtual Reality Tour
In the spring of 2016, middle school students from Vancouver's iTech Preparatory, under the direction of social studies teachers John Zingale and David Midkiff, and with help from the national park's archaeologists and curators, created a series of interactive virtual tours of the reconstructed Fort Vancouver. These tours take virtual visitors through many buildings inside the fort walls, as well as into historic landscapes around the fort.

Fort Vancouver Virtual Reality Museum
In the spring of 2018, iTech Preparatory social studies teacher John Zingale, Fort Vancouver National Historic Site Archaeologist Dr. Bob Cromwell and Curator Tessa Langford, worked together to bring 115 archaeological artifacts from the national park's museum collection to middle school students at iTech. There, students used photogrammetry to convert photos of the artifacts into 2D and 3D models. These artifact scans, along with captions written by the students, became a virtual museum!

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