Stables - 1847 Regulations

Returning Horses to Stable after Drill

377... Stable-call will be sounded immediately after reveille, forty minutes before noon; and again, immediately after retreat, for watering, feeding, and attending to the horses.

697… Officers' led saddle horses, and the horses of the dismounted men of the cavalry, will follow the respective regiments of the owners. Pack-horses, and others will be with the wagons, under the orders of the conductors of the baggage train. They ought not to be permitted to accompany the columns; and mounted officers will, when the roads are dusty, as far as practicable, keep to the leeward of the column.

712… The wagons and pack-horses of these trains, together with officers' spare or led horses, and horses and carriages belonging to the corps, or to the United States, constitute the baggage train of an army. None other will be allowed to enter or to march with it, without special permission from general head-quarters.

745… When horses are to be transported, they should not be put on board immediately after severe exercise, or until they have been refreshed; and, if heated, cooled and well groomed especially in hot weather. Much pains should be taken so to secure them by slings, or other means, as best to insure their safety on ship-board; especial attention being given to ventilation. The greatest care will be observed in their inspection, in cleansing of stalls, and feed, which should be moderate, particularly with short forage. Extra vinegar will be placed on board the horse transports, with which to wash the mangers occasionally, and the faces and nostrils of the horses frequently.

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