A snowy landscape with the butte towards the left. The sun is in the middle with large rays going up and down and a quarter of the photo away on each side are rainbow semi-circles arcing towards the sun.
Sun dogs, or parhelion, are caused when sunlight refracts through ice crystals, causing arcing pillars of light to appear on both sides of the sun.

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Wyoming weather is highly variable and can be extreme. Warm days and cool nights are the norm in the summer. There is little shade on hiking trails so make sure to bring extra water, hats, and sunscreen. However, even when it's in the 80s or 90s in the daytime, it can cool down into the 30s at night. Light frosts are common on summer nights and it can snow even in July. Thunder and lightning storms commonly roll through on summer mornings or evenings. If visiting in the spring, fall, or winter, come prepared for snow and varying winter conditions.


For current local weather conditions and extended forecasts check the National Weather Service's (NOAA) web page.
For information on air quality in the surrounding region, please visit the National Weather Service's (NOAA) Air Quality Forecast Guidance web page. This page can be a helpful tool during the summer and fall fire season.

Temperature & Precipitation Averages

Month Average Maximum Temperature (F) Average Minimum Temperature (F) Average Precipitation (inches) Average Total Snowfall (inches)
January 29 6 0.80 14.7
February 31 7 0.75 13.4
March 42 17 0.87 10.8
April 53 24 1.03 6.2
May 64 31 1.72 2.3
June 75 37 1.08 0.2
July 84 43 0.61 0
August 83 42 0.98 0
September 73 34 1.08 0.5
October 58 25 1.24 3.7
November 41 15 0.84 9.8
December 29 6 0.91 15.5
Annual 55 24 12.06 77.3


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Last updated: December 20, 2022

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