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Map of Wyoming showing Fossil Butte National Monument in the southeast.
We are located in a sparsely populated area where a hundred miles might separate towns. Communities are rather small; some have a post office and nothing more, so plan your gas station stops wisely.
Welcome to Fossil Butte National Monument.

The park is located in southwest Wyoming near the town of Kemmerer.

There is no camping or places to eat in the park. Cell service is limited, but there is wifi in the visitor center.

We welcome visitors year-round. The park is open sunrise to sunset, but be sure to check the visitor center operating hours as they vary with the season.

Exhibit with around 50 different Green River Formation plant fossils.

Things to Do

See the fossils in the visitor center museum or learn about geology while hiking one of our trails.

A trail heads through aspens; the leaves are green and yellow.

Operating Hours and Seasons

Discover when Fossil Butte NM is open throughout the year.

Sagebrush sloping up to a ridge overlooking a valley covered with snow and blue sky and clouds above

Current Conditions at Fossil Butte

As you plan your visit, be sure to check out the current conditions at Fossil Butte National Monument.

A double rainbow arcs through a grey sky with a bright green hill below.


Be prepared for your visit to Fossil Butte NM.

A backpack, water bottle, and hat with park logo, sunscreen and bug spray in front of Fossil Butte.


Learn about safety concerns in the park.

Green River Formation fossil of a young pond turtle facing right in the rock.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Fossil Butte NM.

The front of a train engine facing right painted red, blue, gold, and black

Nearby Attractions

Fossil Butte NM is within a 3-hour drive of 4 other national park sites.

A ridge silhouetted at sunset

Eating and Sleeping

There is no place to eat or spend the night in the park. Find out the nearest places to eat or sleep.

Last updated: December 2, 2022

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