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Expect a variety of weather conditions no matter what time of year you visit. Spring, fall and winter can be very cold; expect snow and winter conditions. Spring: Day time temperatures usually range from 30 F to 65 F Summer: Day time temperatures range from 60 F to 90 F Fall: Day time temperatures range from 45 F to 70 F Winter: Day time temperatures range from -20 F to 30 F

Entrance Fees:

Fossil Butte Entrance Fee - $0.00


Fossil Butte Visitor Center

Over 300 fossils are on exhibit. Video programs feature what scientists have learned from the fossils and the rocks they're found in, and how fossils are excavated and prepared. Visitor Center hours vary by the season.

Map of Wyoming showing Fossil Butte National Monument in the southeast.
We are located in a sparsely populated area where a hundred miles might separate towns. Communities are rather small; some have a post office and nothing more...something to keep in mind if you need gasoline.
Welcome to Fossil Butte National Monument.
Every season brings something new to learn, explore and experience. The park is located in southwest Wyoming near the town of Kemmerer.
Make the most of your visit: plan ahead. Cell phone coverage is "spotty."
We welcome visitors year-round. Be sure to check park operating hours as they vary with the season.
Fossil Butte National Monument experiences a temperate climate. Summer: Warm days (70–90 degrees F) and moderate evenings (30–50 degrees F) are the norm for summer months.
Visitor safety is a high priority. When hiking, wear sturdy, comfortable hiking shoes, carry plenty of water and protect yourself from the sun and insects. Avoid hiking during thunderstorms. No need to worry about rattlesnakes, they do not live here. Do not approach or feed wildlife.

Places to stay and eat, as well as other services, may be found in nearby communities.

Pets are welcome in Fossil Butte National Monument parking areas and on trails but must be under physical restraint at all times.


Last updated: September 18, 2017

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P.O. Box 592
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