See the Seashore's Wild Side

Fire Island National Seashore provides diverse marine and terrestrial habitats that support a wide variety of wildlife. Every season is a good season to view Fire Island wildlife and you may be able to observe many of these animals during your excursion in the park. Some animals are seldom seen but are vital components of a healthy natural ecosystem.

One of the most exciting times to view wildlife on Fire Island is during migration. In September and October, thousands of birds and monarchs make a temporary home on the barrier beach as they rest and refuel along their southbound journey. Fire Island's sandy shores, thicket, forest, and marsh provide diverse habitat for these travelers, and the island's place along the Atlantic Flyway make it an attractive stopover for more than one-third of North America's bird species.

In winter, you may see snowy owls scanning open habitat for their small mammal prey or encounter seals hauled out on the beach. Red fox and white-tailed deer can also be observed year-round.

Whether you come to see land animals or marvel at marine life, please do so from a safe distance and help keep wildlife wild.

Last updated: May 1, 2018

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