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For your convenience, we've assembled a collection of videos, audio and interactive animations used throughout the Virtual Visitor Center.

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What it Takes to Make a Geyser
Cross Section of the Earth
Plate Tectonics
Hotspot Theories
On the Trail of the Yellowstone Hotspot
Clues to Yellowstone's Volcanic Past
Old Faithful's Conduit

Interactive Menu
Earth's Geysers
Types of Hydrothermal Features
Seasonal Variations in Mudpots
Old Faithful Geyser Ground Truths

Virtual Diorama of a Hot Spring Environment
Bison Migration Route Activity
Route of the Firehole River
Microorganisms in Extreme Environments
Microbial Mat
Wheel of Microbes -- Alkaline Springs

Early Investigations
Present Understanding
Earthquake Orders of Magnitude
Earthquake Swarm
Relative Speed of Waves Through Rock
Early Survey of Yellowstone Lake
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Mammoth Hot Springs Limestone Deposit
Time Lapse Travertine Deposits at Canary Springs

Virtual Flights through the Upper Geyser Basin

24-Hour Geyser Loop
Watch an entire day in the basin compressed into two minutes.

VVC Introductory Flight
Take a journey through the park and fly right through the Virtual Visitor Center to catch an eruption of Old Faithful Geyser.

Upper Geyser Basin Tour (small version)
Follow along as we fly from stop to stop along the boardwalk past Yellowstone's collection of geysers and hot springs.

Upper Geyser Basin Tour (large version)
Same tour, but a high-bandwidth connection is required.

Credits: These virtual "flights" were produced by the Watershed Institute of California State University Monterey Bay. Nature sounds used in the introductory flight are copyright 2004 Trailwood Landis.

Videos on our main website

Inside Yellowstone
Watch these numerous short videos written and presented by park rangers to provide details on park features and processes.

Yellowstone InDepth
This feature covers important Yellowstone questions and issues in a documentary style video format. These videos range from 5 to 10 minutes in length.

Guide to Yellowstone Online Videos and Podcasts
Topics in this section include Wildlife Safety, backcountry use, science talks and resource workshops.

Drawing of the outside of the visitor center
Young Scientists
Yellowstone Express
Why Geysers Erupt
Hot Water Treasures
Hot Spring Ecology
Scientific Research

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