Old Faithful Virtual Visitor Center
An artist's concept drawing of the lobby shows a park ranger and people taking in the view of Old Faithful erupting.


Yellowstone’s hydrothermal features have always fascinated park visitors. The “curiosities” of the area—the geysers and other hydrothermal wonders—spurred further exploration and led to the eventual protection of Yellowstone as the world’s first national park. Today these natural wonders draw approximately three million visitors to the park each year.

The new Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, opened Aug. 25, 2010, and tells the story of Yellowstone’s hydrothermal wonders. Get a head start by exploring the exhibits and interactive media in this virtual version.

Drawing of the outside of the visitor center
Young Scientists
Yellowstone Express
Why Geysers Erupt
Hot Water Treasures
Hot Spring Ecology
Scientific Research

Development of the Old Faithful Virtual Visitor Center
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