Built on the East Coast in 1907 for San Francisco's Red Stack Tugboat Company, Hercules made her maiden voyage of 13,500 miles around the tip of South America, towing the Goliah, a sister ship. Until 1923 Hercules ranged from Alaska to Panama, towing sailing vessels (including the C.A.Thayer and Balclutha), log rafts and barges.

Hercules worked on the bay from 1924 until 1962, towing railroad barges for Western Pacific Railroad.


"...we picked up six million feet of timber in a raft to tow south to San Diego Long, slow, lazy days, making no more than three knots. We rigged a fishing line and caught beautiful King salmon on the way."

Albert Hody, Hercules Fireman

Hercules at Camden, New Jersey, ready to begin her maiden voyage to the West Coast in 1907.

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